Daimon farming, will hire pawns in need of RC

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User Info: LeidolfVald

3 years ago#21
I need rc! My pawn is siegfried and he don't die easily

Psn: Joe-17

User Info: coolio1625

3 years ago#22
slight changes, i rename my pawn to Legolas ^_^
Pawn: Legolas(Strider) lvl 200

User Info: Rhenon

3 years ago#23
I need RC for my second acc. PSN: ZoddDeVandimion, Sorcerer pawn lvl 101.

PSN: Red-Cetra
Pawn: Rose, Strider (200) - http://i.imgur.com/Jx3ZhJy.jpg?1

User Info: NukethewhalesMO

3 years ago#24
Hi, dunno if you're still running BBI, but I desperately need some RC.

My pawn is a fighter with all BBI stuff, save for maybe a couple of pieces.
i liek twurtlez.

User Info: cjchartier

3 years ago#25
Charlie could really use some RC. She's got a lot of rift stones on BBI in need of repair. Any help would be appreciated.
cjchartier/PSN:KittyCat_Charlie/Pawn:Cassie/Lvl 200/Strider
cjchartier/PSN: CChartier2/Pawn:Charlie/Lvl. 55/Strider

User Info: BroadSideroads

3 years ago#26
Adaro is a level 169 sorcerer with all high damaging spells, no affinities. Hallowed Dragon 3 star and high resistance to all debilitiations. Give him a hire if you want :P would be much appreciated :)

User Info: AliceEVE

3 years ago#27
my pawn izanami have some pretty good damage. Hire her if you want. In need of RC
PSO2 JP - AliceEVE, HUFIcaseal on Ship10

User Info: HamptonRebel

3 years ago#28
Thanks! I need the RC. Still in the 60's

PSN: BronxRebel
Pawn: Leeta

User Info: Andre_Luiz1969

3 years ago#29
RC is always good, knowledge too. My pawn seeks 3rd star knowledge in some foes.
PSN: Andre_Luiz1969
Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen - Pawn: Regina | Lvl.200 | Sorcerer

User Info: OrlGmr10

3 years ago#30
Can you please hire my pawn for a while? I am in need of RC.

PSN: OrlGamer09 My pawns name is Lacey.
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  3. Daimon farming, will hire pawns in need of RC

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