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2 years ago#341
Thank you very much CChartier2

Your equipment you send is awesome! I also got 27.733 RC

Thanks again :)
PSN: Lunak89 | DD:DA Pawn: Catherine
2 years ago#342
Thank you to BaronVonHeller for the 73,084 RC, Lv. 2 Gear, 5* ratings and "Excelled in all regards" comment.
cjchartier/PSN: CChartier2/Pawn:Charlie/Lvl. 200/Ranger
2 years ago#343
Released Kirsty and Hired Ashley. I'm going to hold on to Koara a while longer, as she and Charlie seem to have developed a rythm in battle. They work very well together.
cjchartier/PSN: CChartier2/Pawn:Charlie/Lvl. 200/Ranger
2 years ago#344
You have my thanks for hiring my Pawn Valerian:

BlueIcedTea08: 308,845 RC, Hunk of Plainum and the comment: “You’ve been raised well!”
BaronVonHeller: 36,304 RC, Angel’s Periapt and the comment: “Actively battled foes.”
wreck_gow: 27,200 RC, Gold Idol Forgery and the comment: "You’ve been raised well!”
jaysusreyes: 79,245 RC
Cliftonia: 0 RC… Mistake or have the servers lost the RC? I received a Fell-Lord’s Bone


ukyo_rulz: 164,181 RC, BB Novelty Lv. 3
jandch: 621,728 RC
SkagReaper87: 65,368 RC
CChartier2: 410,601 RC, Veteran’s Periapt and the comment: “I stand impressed, ser!”


XSaLvaTruch0: 453,391 RC and Circlet
Psywarrior2450: 410,655 RC the first and 150,482 RC the second time
Zeals-Virtue: 97,407 RC the first time, 383,007 RC the second time, Kept Sour Ambrosial Meat and the comment: “Offered precision support”
Ichimonji123: 116,134 RC and BB Gear Lv. 3

I'm still running with CChartier2's Charlie and wreck_em's Nemo.
If people need certain materials or other items, it's an wise idea to write it up in the spreadhseet so the Pawns can be released with useful gifts.
DD/ DA PSN: Hazelhart, Tacanacy and Bricktorn
Pawns: Strider: | Ranger:
2 years ago#345
Hazelhart posted...
Cliftonia: 0 RC… Mistake or have the servers lost the RC? I received a Fell-Lord’s Bone
Mistaken hiring so I gave you an item.
PSN - Cliftonia |DA pawn - Wild Rose | lvl 15X | Fighter | Scather/Mitigator
2 years ago#346
Forced myself to Finally release Koara. She did an outstanding job for me. We took down Daimon a couple of times, and Death twice as well. It was the first time I've ever been able to kill Death the first time he showed up - with a full health bar - in one appearance. God help me, I was practically giddy. I will most definitely be using her again in the future.
cjchartier/PSN: CChartier2/Pawn:Charlie/Lvl. 200/Ranger
2 years ago#347
Released Ashley. She's coming along nicely. I'll keep an eye on her and will hire again in the future.
cjchartier/PSN: CChartier2/Pawn:Charlie/Lvl. 200/Ranger
2 years ago#348
I've released CChartier2's Charlie and wreck_em's Nemo

As much as I dislike evaluating Pawns because I don't sit back and let them run the show and I don't know how much to expect from Pawns, I'll just tell what I observed from their performance.
Nemo was fairly aggressive and had many good timings with High Frigor when we encountered Living Armors and Eliminators. He also had some good timings with Grand Anodyne, cast it when quick healing was crucial and otherwise cast High Anodyne when it wasn't a critical situation. Mages are actually rather easy to judge.
With Charlie, I saw two different behaviors. First, with a full party I saw her run and roll around a lot without attacking enemies. When I removed my own strider from the party to clearer see Charlie's bow attacks, she attacked 95% of the time. I experienced Dazzle Blast as a useless skill, that's always been my observation in the game. A Ranger got to have Deadly Arrow! Maybe also Great Gamble, it depends on ST capacity and inclinations. This is what makes Rangers superior than Strider in my opinion, not just better, but sickly stronger. Also with the Impact augment. Without any of those attack, I don't feel a Ranger really is one and it doesn't get to exploit its potential. That sets back a star for me. Spiral Arrow missed most of the times and when it did hit, it didn't inflict much damage. I didn't see a high level of aggressiveness as I've seen with some other rangers. That can up itself with different skills, or it's so because Charlie only has 122 play hours. So I'm in conflict with that damnable rate system, half stars should have been included, or something less childish like a percentage based system.

I'll be hiring Ichimonji123's Ayame and a none-member next.
DD/ DA PSN: Hazelhart, Tacanacy and Bricktorn
Pawns: Strider: | Ranger:
2 years ago#349
Any hires would be nice. I'll hire your pawn in return. I'm in the low 70's level.
PSN: Devante714 Pawn: Zoe
2 years ago#350
Thanks to BaronVonHeller for the 7k RC and BBI Level 1 gear.

I've released Jasmine, she did extremely well and my pawn learned from her.

I have changed my pawn's inclinations to Scather/Mititigator and her vocation to sorcerer to get the Magic Augment. I got her better gear as well.

I've hired Elvira and will keep her for a couple of runs through BBI. So far so good. She's very strong and holds up really well against hordes of enemies (i.e. three elder ogres, goblins, sirens etc.)

Likewise Elvira and my pawn Genevieve are a good duo (Genevieve distracts with her lightning whip and Miasma while Elvira charges for a high Levin - or both attack with Miasma which debilitates tougher enemies like Ogres really well).

So far so good!

Sol out.
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