Videos of Pawns climbing Daimon and cyclops

#1DeValerianPosted 9/2/2013 5:00:49 PM
Does someone know of videos where Pawns climb Daimon and climb a Condemned Gorecylops where they unhook it's helm?
I've met a ignorant douchebag who persistently denies that Pawns are capable of doing this and he or she likes to insult me about it.

Also, a member here posted a link to a video about Pawns climbing a chained Condemned Gorecyclops, unhooking its helm and killing it by hitting it in its face. I wonder if anyone remember who that was.
#2DeValerian(Topic Creator)Posted 9/2/2013 5:12:28 PM
Scratch the Condemned Gorecylops part.
#3valkyriePROfailPosted 9/2/2013 6:15:21 PM

Pawns are capable of this and much more things.
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