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3 years ago#1
Well i've maxed out my character and i can solo BBI with no effort whatsoever and i am willing to run anyones pawn through the BBI so that you can get rift crystals. All you have to do is shoot me an invite over psn (my psn id is the exact same as my gamefaqs id so it should be easy enough for you to add me)

Anyways like i said, im willing to help anyone out with rift crystals, just comment on the post so i know who to expect as well as shoot me an invite over psn with a comment in the invite thats just says RC.

Peace out, and happy gaming.
3 years ago#2
Oh, and i forgot to mention i will be sending you any level 3 bitterblack gear i find since i already have all the gear pieces i desire. Im really just going out to help others achieve what they want at the moment :)
3 years ago#3
Wow sounds like a great deal!
PSN: Odinson31
3 years ago#4
Im new in game so it will bo awesome if someone help me with RC:) I don't know why, but i can't send You invite, so please invite Me. PSN xMati90
3 years ago#5
I invite You already, You forget one "h" letter in nick here so i can't fid You on PSN^^
3 years ago#6
oh yea my apologies, i forgot the h lol. Schitzophrennic
3 years ago#7
Ok so i updated my signature so that it has my actual PSN id in it to make things easier. if omly it would update my previous posts with it.
PSN: Schitzophrennic
3 years ago#8
just added you, more RC will be nice because i desperately need it for lvl 3 weapons/armors
PSN: staycool520
Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen - Pawn: Karen | Lvl.147 | Warrior
3 years ago#9
I could use some RC's and gear if you have the time. :)
Xbox360 DuskObject
PS3 Obscuritor
3 years ago#10
All I need is a wakestone, really need it...

My userid is Lun-Sei, if you'd like to give a wakestone to my pawn!
Lun-Sei's FIIIIIGHT channel -->
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