Free RC for anyone who asks

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3 years ago#21
My psn is "MadoshiX" if you're still offering. My pawn's name is Sam
3 years ago#22
all my 3 need rc




3 years ago#23
I will greatly appreciate your help. I am currently stuck on BBI. I haven't played for a few days. I've been having a really hard time getting past that giant boss and that troll guy by a bridge.

My psn is Madara0Sama same as this account name. My pawn is named Q. I added you.
3 years ago#24
New player, first playthrough. Pawn is level 36. Could use all the help I could get! thanks

psn: Alaraz
3 years ago#25
I need only BB Armor Lv.3, no need add me on PSN, just hire my pawn, please. Tell me if you need anything
PSN: Andre_Luiz1969
Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen - Pawn: Regina | Lvl.200 | Fighter
3 years ago#26
well I have been in need of some bbi lvl 3 armor and gear and weapons and RC is my biggest need atm so if your down my pawn is Knives and my psn is XxTwiztid-MindxX.
3 years ago#27
and if you need anything id be happy to help you as well if you can just add me tomorrow and let me know its you the BBI armor gear and weapons level 3 is what I need I only have 2 pieces of armor and im after the hellfire armor for my MK build lvl 182, so again XxTwiztid-MindxX and my pawn is Knives.
3 years ago#28
If the offer is still good that would be awesome thank you very much :)
3 years ago#29
If you are still willing to help out I'd really appreciate it :)
I just started out so my pawn is only level 36, but I'm leveling quickly!

PSN: Head-Hertz // Pawn: Phantaminium

If you need anything with any other game I might have, let me know :)
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