How can I salvage my Arisen/Pawn

#1Nagisa_ShinjuPosted 12/18/2013 10:18:18 PM
I'm currently sitting at level 100 with both my pawn and Arisen. I did not follow a build for either one of them and it's starting to show. Here are my stats

Arisen - Magic Archer
Strength - 266
Magic - 491
Defense - 247
M. Defense - 508

Pawn - Fighter
Strength - 510
Magic - 258
Defense - 433
M. Defense - 168

For my Arisen, I leveled from 1-10 Mage, then 10 - 60s Sorcerer, then got bored and leveled 60s to 100 as Magic Archer with a few more levels from Sorcerer. While I am not terribly concerned with maxing anything, I just want to make this character viable if anything.

Using the stat growths page, switching my Arisen to Sorcerer and Pawn to Warrior for the next 100 levels, will push their offense quite high. Should I do so? Or would rerolling yield better results? I kind of get how this stuff works, I'm just confused on how much is enough.

I also remember reading a post a day or two ago where someone listed a breakdown of several builds and their stat yields. Would anyone happen to know where it is?

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#2tritiumrainPosted 12/18/2013 10:24:38 PM
Those stats are perfectly fine.

Level your arisen as Sorcerer for another 300 magic.
Level your pawn as Ranger for another 200 str and 100 mdef

If you want to see a few different builds and their stats check this topic:
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Perfect, that was the exact topic I was looking for. Thanks for the tips.
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