Looking for input on Dark Arisen please

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2 years ago#1
I found out that I can get this title now for 31.00. I was wondering if it's a good game. I've been looking at it for some time but I'm not sure about it. I love RPG's though. Looks kinda cool. Any thoughts? Thank you guys
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2 years ago#2
Its a very under rated RPG (western style made by Capcom) the story is forgettable guff that disappears a third of the way in and only comes back towards the end.

It has a nicely deep class system and you get to design your own pawn (constant party member/slave)
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2 years ago#3
YouTube it. I would say it's fun
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2 years ago#4
It was free for PS PLUS a bit ago may still be, not sure. But I would be ok paying full price for this.game now that I've played it.

The story is a bit bland but unique at the same time. The game play is solid though..if your not nitpicky I see some people complain about pointless things

Its a fun game. Quests are tedious and somewhat vague but you can be a mage or archer or knight and several variations of each and can change anytime. Its a solid game. Go for it
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2 years ago#5
I'm kinda biased on this because I absolutely LOVE this game. Worth every penny. The battle/fighting system is amazing, tons of armor, weapons and items, plenty of different classes to keep you busy, and the level cap is 200. You can easily spend over 150 hours on it.

I've never played skyrim (the top RPG on this gen of concles?), but I don't see it being better than DA. It has a few flaws that are easily over looked, outside of the bland story. I can't wait for a sequel!!!

Bottem line here is, GET IT!!! You'll be glad you did.
2 years ago#6
Best single player game ever made....Create and customize your arisen and party members, if you make alt accounts. Combat is fun, some of the best boss fights ever. Just wish the game was remade with next gen or pc graphics.
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2 years ago#7
I don't think it's amazing, but it is full of heart and soul. It's really well done, and it's fun. It's the kind of game you end up spilling hours into, without noticing, every time you play. I think much of its charm comes from the feelingthat it is an old-school rpg with contemporary control and complexity. It killed Skyrim and Nier, imho. If you are an rpg fan it is simply a must play title.
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