Official Pawn Sharing Club #31

#1KarmikazzeePosted 1/9/2014 10:48:35 AM(edited)
Welcome to pawn club! (Anyone can create this thread, gamers come & go)

This club is about sharing pawns among active players, getting each other rift crystals, knowledge, items & feedback.

To interested New Players:
This club works both ways. We hire you, you hire us. This thread is not for promoting your pawn once! It's meant to be an active community, where you are visible from time to time, letting us know how much RC, items knowledge you got from us, who you are traveling with etc.
The club list.
If you want to become a member, add the following info to the list.(simply hit +add in upper left corner)

Gamefaq nick/psn ID/pawn name/pawn vocation/3 ***/pawn level/inclination/additional info/last update.

Link to list.

Acknowledging a hire:
An important duty! Post a little thank you about who hired your pawn, RC received, knowledge, gifts etc. This is important as these posts allow others to see that you(& those that hired you) are active & are thus more likely to rent your(& their) pawn. Details of a hire show up when you rest at an inn.Simply hit square on each one then use R1 to scroll through gift, knowledge, rating, etc. (You should keep a notebook/pad to keep track of it all.)

It is highly recommended that you put your info(psn/pawn name/pawn vocation & level) in your signature. This will make it easier for others to hire you when all your info is always right under your posts. It is also a great way to promote your pawn!

Hiring higher level pawns.
You can hire higher level pawns by sending them a friend request(mention gamefaq or opsc), once accepted they cost 0RC, but you should know there is a exp penalty for hiring pawns above your arisens level which caps off at 25 levels above.

We also suggest that you read the "Basic Pawn Hiring & Sharing Faq" to learn about things like body bags & how to prevent them & other basics of pawn sharing.

Activity star system. Please add stars to your list entry so that you have 3 stars, ***. Individual stars will be removed on a fixed schedule to help identify active & inactive members. If you do not keep your entry up to date it will end up being deleted.
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#2patagoniantPosted 1/9/2014 10:45:48 AM(edited)

Activity stars are being updated now - please restore your 3 stars if you're still active in the club.
Anyone with no stars will have their entry removed from the spreadsheet sometime between now and Sunday.

Edit: Update your entry or it'll get deleted *cough* Kytana *cough*

We now return you to your scheduled programming.
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#3McJephPosted 1/9/2014 10:41:51 AM(edited)
Jade would like to thank:

Private for 1,000,000RC!!!, 10x BBG3!!, 5/5/5* & "Hello" (hi!)
LightArisen for 875,884RC, 10x Portcrystals, 5/5/5* & "tis an Honor"
Private for 655,895RC, 3x Scythe Shard, 2x Bone Lantern & "Employed skills masterfully"
Alaxel01 for 75,251RC, Skeleton Key, 5/5/5* & "I stand impressed, ser"
Xenbirth_ for 20,202RC, Cloudwine, 5/5/5* & "Gathered a bounty of items"
LT2VIPER for 19,875RC... but a body bag :(
Benaardwulf for 9,295RC, Scrag of Beast, 5/5/5* & "You've been raised well"
r0gUeLi0n43 for 10x Large Mushroom, 5/5/5* & "My pawn is in your hands"

and several other rentals, but I covered everyone who lurks these boards I believe.

Miss Murder would like to thank:

shadowgirl_69 for 4RC(yes 4 lol), BUT BBA1, BBA2, BBA3, Savior Ring, DF Shadow Greaves, DF Champions Bangles, DF Dragon Knight's Helm, 5/5/5* & "Hello"!!! (hello to you too)
bornagain71 for 61,386RC, 1x BBW1, Unfamiliar Foe x3, 5/5/5* & "Actively battled foes"
tolbadoll 6,832RC, Capeflower, Unfamiliar Foe x3, Goblins, Area Knowledge: Gransys, Gran Soren, Unfamiliar Location, 4/5/5*

...and some more 1 star and stuff. lol

Thanks all!
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#4Shadow-KhajiitPosted 1/9/2014 10:36:29 AM
Hello Everyone! Just started playing DA about a week ago. Lovin it, So grateful that theres a service like this. GT: Blaggerflagger; Pawn: Katalia; Class: mage, Level: 50
#5tarachris4everPosted 1/9/2014 10:42:39 AM
You may want to post your GT on the xbox thread.
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#6Karmikazzee(Topic Creator)Posted 1/9/2014 10:46:17 AM
Shadow-Khajiit posted...
Hello Everyone! Just started playing DA about a week ago. Lovin it, So grateful that theres a service like this. GT: Blaggerflagger; Pawn: Katalia; Class: mage, Level: 50

Is GT your psn ID? Noticed that you didn't enter your info on the spreadsheet so have no way of knowing for sure. Please take the time to read the intro, it will help you to learn how to take advantage of this club & start hiring & receiving hires. Thanks.
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#7Shadow-KhajiitPosted 1/9/2014 10:47:50 AM
i was linked to this page on the xbox thread... not my fault lol
#8Shadow-KhajiitPosted 1/9/2014 10:53:24 AM
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
#9drkazn1Posted 1/9/2014 10:54:34 AM
XBOX sucks! JK lol anyway the star system on the spreadsheet ony 3 *** indicates active? Cuz I just added like 3 to mine so total 6 is that bad? Does that mean im 2x active? Cuz I am lol
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#10Red__F0xPosted 1/9/2014 10:54:40 AM
Thank you Laura-a-t for renting my Auronia
I received 563k rift crystals, a Wyvern Tear, 5* rating and an "employs skills masterfully" comment.

Strange thing though: The report didn't say anything about her gaining knowledge but when I closed the rent report, she immediately blurted out that "I've learned a new way to fight their ilk" (or something to that effect). Curious, I looked through her bestiary and she had picked up a 3rd star for geo saurians that she didn't have last I checked. I can't say for certain that she didn't have it immediately before I rested at the inn though (I didn't check until after).

Anyway, thanks again!
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