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#121Cmines91Posted 2/2/2014 1:21:50 PM
Bruce would like to thank-

Laura-a-t - For 216,849 RC

Wyrmkings ring, and BBW lvl.3

5*rating, And offered precision support comment.

Shadic790- 419,976 RC

BBA lvl .3

5*rating and all the best comment
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Could use some better weapons for my Mk or assassin if anyone could help thanks.
#122FalthinPosted 2/2/2014 1:26:22 PM
BaKuRi posted...

Grack would like to thank,

I've just sat down and read some scrolls to Grack - hope they bring back some knowledge.
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#123lyryn222Posted 2/2/2014 2:00:37 PM
Xalon gives one of her best mighty hugs to Lara Croft (Laura-a-t) 5*s, 381,430RC + Ne'er do Part (big thumbs up!) +"Has balanced beauty" comment. :)
Hugged fare thee well & kissed goodbye Gareth (Wayf93) & WhyNot (hey Wayf, your kid's definitely using his HFB's!)

Hired the above mentioned Lara Croft (a gal who knows no fear!) & Miss Ivy (Kytana) to finish off some BBI board quests etc.
New pawn girls sign above Guild entrance:
"The women were tougher than the men, and the men were tougher than Hell!!!!"
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#124shialenPosted 2/2/2014 2:04:41 PM
I thought you were only supposed to run into Death EVERYWHERE pre Daimon. Damn bastard ganked everyone several times while trying to run.
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#125BaKuRiPosted 2/2/2014 2:26:13 PM
Madmatt#### Don't worry, I remember when you posted about it, I'm not super concerned about a bag here and there, but if you really feel the need, Grack's Arisen (Jormungandr) needs RC as kind people keep sending me cursed items, that I can't afford to purify all of em.

Falthin I'm sure Grack learned much from your teachings, much thanks wise sensei.
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#126dmac93065Posted 2/2/2014 2:34:36 PM
Gabrielle thanks:

1. Bein88 - 16,000 RCs
2. Nathan-Hankins - 14,434 RCs + Blessed Flower & 5/5 rating.

Special thanks to Nathan-Hankins for the Blessed Flower. I watched a walkthrough on YouTube for assistance with that that quest and it had me believe simply returning the flower to Quina was the way to complete that quest. I had no idea you needed to give it to Father Geoffrey in Grand Soren, making a copy with the Blackcat along the way.

I just finished killing Grigori for the first time on hard mode. The fight was CAKE with Soulinsanity's Celsius Horo and Madmatt4509's Morrigan. Gabrielle and Morrigan poisoned Grigori when the game first gives you a chance to attack in the scattered ruins section. By the time we made the it to the main arena, Grigori's life was shaved down by 4.5 bars. Mystic Knight + Dark Affinity + Great Cannon ended the battle in 45 seconds.

I will be attempting to beat Daimon's 2nd form hoping to finally get a hellfire cloak and maybe a Savior's Ring in the process. Working Everfall right now with Soulinsanity and MadMatt's Pawns. Will select new ones for my return to the cursed isle. If yours is tough, suggest them and I'll rent.

As a side note, I've noticed my pawn only has 2 star ratings on her knowledge of Gransys and some of the enemies there that we've fought tons of times out there (Direwolves for example). Any idea on how to max out rankings for places and enemies for pawns?
#127MussuranaPosted 2/2/2014 3:16:00 PM(edited)
Inzoliah wishes to thank Snowflake and Catti-Brie for helping master take down his first online Ur. I'll send Snow home soon but can keep Catti for a while and RC stack her for when she's reincarnated. If you hired Izzy recently she may have been in stamina battery mode but has now been returned to normal.

Izzy says master did OK but pata was faster, more stylish and at no point did she hear the words, "How many ******* hearts!?". Dissed by my own pawn...

Edited to add: Inzoliah would like to thank Phadedwun for 10x Hemp and 5* ratings.

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#128shialenPosted 2/2/2014 2:43:32 PM
Is Ascalon or Devil's Bane better for Stone Forest and Great Cannon?
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#129BaKuRiPosted 2/2/2014 3:11:01 PM
shialen posted...
Is Ascalon or Devil's Bane better for Stone Forest and Great Cannon?

Great cannon uses both Strength and Magick, so Ascalon may be better if the enemy is holy weak, the raw gap in power between the two GDFed is a bit much. Maybe try Cursed Light or Magebreaker (Enchanted weapons from bbi2 weapons, they have higher stats than Ur drops)

As for Stone Forest, I have no idea, and neither does the wiki. Perhaps if I have some time tonight I'll do some testing, I'm curious too.
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#130AgerisPosted 2/2/2014 3:20:46 PM
Reis would like to thank:

blue_truck for 695,696 RC, BBA2, 5/5/5*, and "Offered precision support." (Probably my favorite compliment for Reis to receive, since that's her job! :) )
LinkSquire for 156,320 RC, Blessed Flower, 5/5/5*, and "You've been raised well."
Cmines91 for 10,758 RC, Dark Peridot, 5/5/5*, and "I stand impressed, ser."

I've mostly just been working on the hardmode account--though, I've started pushing things along. Hard mode is fun, but I'm not really enjoying playing as a ranger (amusing, considering how much I love MA--but, different is different), so I'm trying to push through the levels and get the build done so I can actually play the vocations I want to instead of ranger/sorcerer. On the plus side, I'm loving the new pawn and I should have her ready for a reveal in the next couple of days and be able to give Reis a bit more attention than I have been the past few days.
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