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#411TracinyaPosted 4/5/2014 5:34:08 PM
I don't honestly know if this user is from here but:

Astonished, baffled and stuttered thanks to the Arisen Alessandra for 240k plus RC; full set of dragonforged armor; an enchanted blade; bitterblack weapon lvl2; knowledge on saurians, sulfur saurians, phantoms, phantasms, specters, chimeras, hydras, drakes, hostile soldiers, enemy person; area knowledge on gransys, the everfall and an unfamiliar location.

And finally for the 5 stars and the comment ''Exudes Strength and Valor. I, just...yeah. Thanks. Overwhelming reaction i've gotten from everyone here so far.
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#412lyryn222Posted 4/5/2014 7:33:53 PM
Xalon has caressed and kicked out of the house Borax (Karmi-Kat) and Whynot! (Karmikazee) Oh Karmi, your girl's not too happy with me. The Black Abbey tonite went down like this. Removed Xalon's weapons, Dragon's Glaze for me. Wasn't really comfortable confiscating Whynot's staff but wanted all of us to see them resurrections sooooo... every time she tried to cast a spell I'd pick her up!! Man, is she peeved! Oh Boy!
On the other hand, Borax did a wonderful one-man.. er.. one-dwarf act in the ring.
Still, no GK star popped.
Xalon gives a warm hug to thank Jackie (JapaneseMagoo) for 38,415 RC
Talon fist bumps her pal Arya (ReeNoiP_) 5*'s + 161,396RC + Demons Periapt + "All the best to you"... and you too, Girl!! We have a play date coming up soon.
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#413KharadusPosted 4/5/2014 9:43:58 PM
Firstly, took Isabella (Tracinya's faithful friend) and Kalindra (DC_Belasteris) on a journey, was quite the adventure! I believe Isabella went home with a mysterious key somehow related to the Salvation, and Kalindra witnessed the deaths of a chimaera and cyclops, and got some parts from each to go as proof!

Also Ayashera has been getting almost inapproriate amount of attention, today she accompanied both Reenoip and sunspiritsinger on grand adventures, resulting in:

with ReeNoip:

20,200 RC


Evil Eyes, unfamiliar foe x8

and a most gracious 5-star rating with comments about compelling mystique!

and with sunspiritsinger:

152,226 RC


Dragonblood (this ring was so delicious I had to negotiate with Ayashera to get to use it myself, I aim to keep upgrades on her to repay the kindness she gets on the adventures to better help everyone, but I really had to bargain for an exception for this!)
Dignified Earring
Ancient Circlet
Sullied Rift Fragment
Siren Tailfin
BBI Armour 2


Wolves, Direwolves, Ogres, Unfamiliar foe x8



and the ever appreciated 5-star rating, apparently managing to be an invaluable asset!

Massive thanks to everyone so far, can't wait to check out BBI for myself being the jolly old grinder I am!
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#414ZargartharPosted 4/5/2014 11:40:33 PM
Well now many a fellow has been busy whilst I was away for the weekend, taking dear Skylar for play dates!
Thanks to -
-GregorioBue for 90,729 RC, 5*'s, and "Was an invaluable asset"!
-sunspiritsinger for 182,642 RC, 2x Dragonblood rings, a dragonforged Saint George Mask, 1x Great Dragon Horn, 1x Ox Horn, a 5*'s rating and "Always a pleasure"
-laura-a-t for a massive 396,255 RC, 2x BBI Lv.3 weps, 5*'s and "Exudes strength and valor"!
-Karmi-kat for 20,360 RC, a BBI Lv.2 wep, 5*'s and "Al the best to you."

My my my! Seems Skylar is ever growing in popularity it seems, even with inclinations most wouldn't want on a pawn!
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#415conspiraiciesPosted 4/6/2014 12:51:16 AM
*Casually walks back in through the front door*

Uhm... Hey guys! :D

Added Metus to the list. I decided to bite the bullet and do a fresh new game with him to rebuild his stats. Thankfully, It didn't take too long to climb back up to lvl 200 due to a crap ton of twinking from alts, but I still need to farm regenerative armor so I may as well RC bomb the OPSC while I'm at it. :p

I'll start with InfernoRodan's Stella and Karmikazee's Whynot! I should probably bomb those who actually need it instead -and I'll get to that later, but I just want to reunite with some familiar faces first.
"Teabag with honor..."
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#416paaskyPosted 4/6/2014 1:40:06 AM(edited)
Laura embraces and sends thousand kisses to ...

- Jawnzor (pawn Jawn) for 2x rents, 396 627 RC, a Bitterblack Novelty Lv.3, a Skeleton Key , 5*rating and I've marked you a favorite!

- hanhart (pawn Farye) for 9x Airtight Flask and 5*rating

- jules_mcgrules (pawn Thaliah) for 19 833 RC, a Kept Sour Ambrosial Meat , 5*rating and Always a pleasure

- Acid_Relic (pawn Kaya) for 2x rents, 81 240 RC, a Large Mushroom, a Demon's Periapt , 5*rating and Employed skills masterfully

- dmac89512 (pawn She Hulk) for 2x rents, 195 515 RC, a Bitterblack Novelty Lv.3, a Liquid Vim , 5*rating and Was an invaluable asset

- sunspiritsinger (pawn Xalon) for 253 737 RC, a Bitterblack Gear Lv.3 , 5*rating and Tis an honor

- Actionrat (pawn Festedan) for a Secret Softener , 5*rating and Is simply perfect!

non-OPSC members(?) ...
- smileysimmy13 (pawn Kabuto) for 39 704 RC, a Ferrystone and 4*rating

Lara Croft gives a mighty hug and send greetings to ...

- bringyourcopins (pawn Suni) for 163 563 RC, a Golden Egg , 5*rating and Actively battled foes

- RedSplatter (pawn princes bone) for 73 128 RC, , 5*rating and

Hires greatly appreciated and will be returning favors soon!

I have now set Laura back to Mage since there are not very many on her level in OPSC. She also has GF'd Legion's Might staff equipped meaning she will survive in almost every tough situation (except Death and falling accidents of course, lol) and keep your party in great shape during your adventures.
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#417Karmikazzee(Topic Creator)Posted 4/6/2014 4:39:09 AM(edited)
Lyryn & paasky, can't thank you enough for all your help trying to get Borax's final 3 third stars. Lyryn, you could have just put a really weak staff on Whynot, or none at all, but she always loves a night out with you & your girls! :) My Grandson is finally doing a little better so I will be taking him home tonight & be able to repay some of your kindness soon.( Will be on for a little this morning, but just to log rents & such)

PS: conspiraircies! Nice of you to drop in. Thanks again for your support of "MCW." If I could have figured out how to do a "funniest fool" contest for it, you'd have had it in the bag!!

PSS: paasky, if I could offer my opinion, I think changing to mage is a good move but, as mage skills are not as high stamina users & her HP doesn't matter because of the Legion's Might, the savior ring becomes rather ineffective. I think if you could add a ring or two that boosts magic to compensate for low stats of staff she would be better equipped.(adding 80 or more magic attack is huge with that staff)
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#418paaskyPosted 4/6/2014 5:50:21 AM
@Karmikazzee: Thanks for the great tip! I have now been leveling her as Fighter/Ranger to increase her HP/DEF/STA, and then planning to go last 100 levels as Sorcerer to increase her MAG so at the moment her MAG is not too great for her level. I will check if I have purified any BBG3's with that account which gives MAG bonus, hopefully also some other debiliation resistance she has less than 50% protection so might even end up replacing Dragons Blood as well and spare Saviour Ring for my Arisen.
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#419dmac93065Posted 4/6/2014 5:52:21 AM
Gabrielle & She Hulk send their thanks to:

Laura-a-t for 240,938 Impressive RCs + BBA3 + 5*s
Nathan-Hankins Wyrmking's Ring + 5*s

She Hulk sends a special thanks to:
Seymourlikey2 for 417,326 Massive RCs + Immortelle + Moonshinmer Pelt + Scythe Shard. Thanks a Billion. I was able to Gold Forge most of She Hulk's Armor. We also received much needed Bestiary knowledge of Evil eye s& Vile eyes + Gazers. 5*s are always appreciated. Thank you for this amazing rent!!!

I have the pawns of Seymourlikey2, Laura-a-t. Renting others as my level grows so that an ample amount of RCs will accompany the return rents.
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#420paaskyPosted 4/6/2014 5:57:15 AM
Welcome to the dark side conspiraicies! Just took your Metus and Jules_McGrules's Thaliah to the party for some serious boss killing.
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