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I suffer from a severe lack of imagination when it comes to RPGs in general. So I usually base my characters on other existing works. I was wondering if any others made their pawns into lookalikes. And is there any specific example of what you were going for?

Name: King Conan
Source Image:

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Name: Leliana
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I haven't made any myself (yet - that's likely to change soon though), but I've seen a few. Of course there's paasky's Lara Croft. A couple days ago I saw a Conan that was very clearly based off of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie version. Was pretty good, even got the outfit pretty close. There's also Nemo, an ex-OPSC Pawn that looks like Kratos from God of War. And a couple years ago I saw an awesome Mr. T named something along the lines of Angry Fool. He was weaponless and was wearing a Golden Belt among other things, it was great.
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Falthin's Cattie-Brie used to look exactly like her namesake from the cover of an R.A. Salvatore novel -- I want to say Starless Night, but I'd have to dig the hardcover off the bookshelf at the back of my closet to be certain and I'm too lazy to do that right now. Her look has since changed, but I thought the resemblance was awesome at the time.
#4HadreonPosted 5/17/2014 9:11:15 PM
Someone asked me to make a look alike of Saber from Fate/Stay night

So I came out with this lol.

I personally think it went pretty well. I hope someone else asks me to try creating a character again, it was really fun :)
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Forgot to post a source image

there so you have a clue of what Saber looks like lol
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Hadreon: Saber needs big green eyes if you can, otherwise very close and very good.

Nemo/ Kratos god of war is in the lv200 club and you should see him back at the start of april.
#7HadreonPosted 5/18/2014 11:26:42 AM
The other Picture I used had her with Blue eyes. So im not sure if she has green or blue hahahaha
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Hadreon, Don't know much about the look but great pictures!! Just went to bump your photo thread & it just got archived! &%$#@&^&%$! Was a good thread. Keep an eye on the bounty thread.
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If I could recolor oblivion set+adept's mantle white, that would be perfect for my Max Caxton lookalike from Anarchy Reigns.

I also made Lady from Devil May Cry series and Young Nasty Man(Kyle Gass) from Tenacious D's Wonder Boy.

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I'm gonna cosplay Thaliah as Lana Kane from Archer. :P If only this game had sweater dresses and Tec-9's.

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