Warrior build for Dark Arisen?

#1generalterrPosted 7/18/2014 7:40:20 PM
I'm gonna start playing DD again and after playing most of the other vocations and playing as a warrior a lot I decided to tackle Dark Arisen as a warrior. I feel like a normal DD warrior character will be fairly squishy in DA since a warrior usually has such low magic defense. Any help on how I should build this character? Also what weight? Since I'll be in the thick of the action I don't want to get knocked down all the time but I also don't want stamina regen to be crappy.
#2depickle69Posted 7/18/2014 10:55:53 PM
Bbi will be extremely challenging for u as a warrior, I highly suggest running a different vocation as a lot of enemies will be tough as a warrior ( they r tough when ur not a warrior as well keep in mind, but easier none the less, but to each his own right? Anyways a good way to build a warrior is to run something with high mag def and then high DPS like assassin and sorcerer or mage, something around those lines, then go fighter or something to build up the phys res.
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You could go pure Warrior as well though. All you really need to do is have a balanced team to cover your weaknesses. When I run as a Warrior I usually bring along a Mage and a Strider. The third teammate can be anything. Some fights will seem extremely tough but the more you play as a Warrior the better you will get and you'll figure out ways to take down just about anything the game throws at you.
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Warrior's fun, and you can play it a number of different ways.

There's a great build planner to play around with here:

A few of the enemies on BBI have extremely high resistance to physical attacks, but to help you out, there are a couple of BB2 weapons that the warrior can use to boost magickal damage (as well as the Ur drops from the original game). There are also a number of enemies that spell spam (frostwyrms and Daimon being the most notable). By going for a build with some levels invested in boosting MATK and MDEF, you can make these less of a pain.

This would tick most boxes for a balanced warrior build:
Stamina's not so important as HP here, and it works out fairly tanky for charging into the fray. With a bit of tweaking, you could probably make something useful based around that.
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