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PS Plus question(s) (Archived)deathmyrk1012/2/2013
Need help with Sorcerer gear (Archived)Faintism312/2/2013
Random useless topic about how my pawns died today. (Archived)Flavante812/2/2013
Level requirements on sidequests? (Archived)Lynx190612/2/2013
Offline Hired Pawn Question (Archived)eban87312/2/2013
Should I get this or the first Dragons Dogma? (Archived)
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I think I'm addicted to this game, looking for advice moving on. (Archived)overmaxx912/1/2013
Leveling help and MK building tips? (Archived)
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Trading Heaven's Key for Ascalon (Archived)Faintism812/1/2013
What is up with the "Oil Weapons" that sell for 0 Gold? (Archived)Nubaru212/1/2013
Is that bad to change my vocation to Magick Archer right now? (Archived)Aerosoldier712/1/2013
Are their bands that enhance 10 flurry and high mael? (Archived)Mara_Jade212/1/2013
We need more classes - your thoughts? (Archived)PhantasmKari612/1/2013
Escape/Exodus slash help. (Archived)GodKingREXON312/1/2013
Newbie looking for a leg up...aka. Weapons/armour... (Archived)DatBeDaTrute912/1/2013
Does anyone have a spare Talarian white? (Archived)S0nYxdb212/1/2013
Can someone help me with the spellcasting ring? (Archived)luism00112/1/2013
Can someone Mooch me a Port Crystal? (Archived)Nubaru212/1/2013
Gold & Silver Weapon Question (Archived)Nubaru612/1/2013
Help, With Carrot/$ Trick? (Archived)
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