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3 years ago#1
I bought the game today, and in between single player games, have been trying to scare up a Live match, but there's no one to be found. If anyone reading the forums here wants to play, send me a message on XBox Live! There are achievements waiting to be had! :D

Gamertag is BrazenLisa. :)

Hopefully SOMEone else on the planet is buying it! LMAO
3 years ago#2
I tried myself and everyone guesses immediately and googles the answers sigh.
Word up :P
3 years ago#3
Oh that sucks! There are more people on tonight... maybe you and I will end up in a lobby together. I don't cheat. :) I've gotten to play 2 Live games so far, and both have been with normal, non-Googling people!
3 years ago#4
I just played the demo and was a bit disappointed that it was multiple choice and it didn't use your actual avatar. The old PS2 version wasn't multiple choice and I loved it because it made it a more authentic Jeopardy! experience.

Anybody know how many different questions there are and if they'll be adding questions so you don't start getting repeat questions (oops, I mean answers... it is Jeopardy!).
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3 years ago#5
If you play on medium or hard there is no multiple choice.
3 years ago#6
i came here just to say that finding ppl online to play with in this game is even tougher than in its wheel of fortune counterpart D: and wheel of fortune is tough to get ppl in already!!

yes if people just google their answers that would be pointless.. thats even possible in wheel of fortune to some degree like when there are only a few letters missing, especially when its something jeopardy-esque/trivial like the 'proper name' or 'names' categories

i wants to play online D: YES i just got someone!! i had to wait 15min! :D

you can use your own avatar if you press LB at character selection (before character 1 and after character 10)

i don't understand jeopardy too well as i dont watch the gameshow but i keep tapping A and still my opponent gets to answer the question first, which makes me imagine we're both tapping A constantly and whoever the game detects as tapping it a miltisecond earlier when the red bar actually appears gets the chance

i prefer wheel of fortune a ton more as i don't know how to know so much trivia, but of course that's just me :)
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