ME1 conrad glitch possibly?

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ok look to see if others have experienced this POSITIVE glitch in ME1 i get the report conrad dies,hey i am a renegade but handle it badly i admit it. later however TA DA!!! conrad is at his spot looking pretty alive for a dead guy allowing me to finish to the line with the gun in his face. is this just my copy or have others experienced this as well?
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There's a known glitch that Conrad will react like you did that no matter what you actually did. Unless you completely ignored him in part one or sent him away before seeing all 3 conversations, then hell still appear on Illium acting like you shoved a gun in his face. It happens no matter what, sadly, unless you're using a PC.

He actually makes an inside joke about this in ME3, which I won't spoil here. Assuming he makes it over, of course.
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How can you get Conrad killed? I mean besides in ME3.
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Fraust posted...
How can you get Conrad killed? I mean besides in ME3.

Basically, tell Conrad to "get lost" in either game when you meet him and he'll leave. He'll then do something stupid that ends in his death (you'll later hear about it on news reports).
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well for me he ends up dead in ME2 but hey the stupid die young :P