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Mass Effect 2 DLC and Mass Effect 3 Online Pass (Archived)Kayiness0631/31/2013
Is the DLC worth getting? (Archived)ssmiroku71/31/2013
The Cerberus network not working..? (Archived)assassin34951/30/2013
Weapons and import bonuses didn't carry over to new playthrough? (ME2) (Archived)LordOfCinder51/29/2013
This box is so nice I don't even want to open it. (Archived)Borbetomagus101/24/2013
worth getting for PS3? (Archived)ragin_rebel101/24/2013
List your Shepard's here; stats, sex, background etc (Archived)GundamFanT101/24/2013
Mass Effect Trilogy DLC (Archived)WightKnigjht21/23/2013
explain DLC, i want the german version, i cannot legally make german account (Archived)closeworldopen21/22/2013
Lag on final mission? (Archived)Zipp_Dementia31/21/2013
Full trilogy playthrough journal completed (Archived)Zipp_Dementia11/21/2013
No Pinnacle Station = no buy. (Archived)
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What's the deal with EA Origin in ME2? (Archived)LordOfCinder21/20/2013
No ME trophies? (Archived)Senkotsu_Uchiha31/19/2013
Armor, do you go for looks or function? (Archived)Stanimal03241/19/2013
I beat all 3..but by the third... (Paragon issues and spoilers, i suppose) (Archived)shabaaba31/18/2013
New Or Used? (Archived)rixter61931/15/2013
How to import ME1 to ME2??? (Archived)esricardo99999921/14/2013
Would have gladly took Tali over those other two lames...*spoilers.* (Archived)
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any reason to choose udina? (Archived)calvin_071/14/2013
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