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Are achievements on this game hard? (Archived)TheArcade18/8/2014
Unable to upload replays from Xbox 360 to YouTube (Archived)seasonmaster17/13/2014
Darkstalkers art (Archived)xenosaga12315/28/2014
not holding my breath, but help for L.Raptor trial #2 (Archived)googler11/13/2014
new December 2013 Darkstalkers tournament videos (Archived)xenosaga123112/11/2013
petitions darkstalkers 4 (Archived)1greengoblin37/20/2013
Did Captain Falcon create Pyron? (Archived)Grabblez27/2/2013
Damn. This game is really finicky about combos. (Archived)DRCEQ46/5/2013
Worth 800 MS points? (Archived)DieCobros56/1/2013
ds3, tech hits? (Archived)Careful_Crab26/1/2013
I guess me buying this game didn't help (Archived)rare_candy65/4/2013
Fun game but how active is the online? (Archived)Kanonno44/29/2013
Patch will be hitting on the 12th of April. (Archived)ElectricFoxLex34/17/2013
DSR Unlocking the Vault Contest - Win a $250.00 Lord Raptor Statue (Archived)ZGMF_600_Guaiz14/15/2013
This is actually better than the PS1 version. This has all the animations (Archived)
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Donovan, Huitzil and Pyron might arrive as DLC for Darkstalkers 3 (Archived)Magegg94/14/2013
Seems like I've been only fighting Demitri, Sasquatch, and Jedah... (Archived)
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Felicia weakened in Hunter? (Archived)rare_candy44/11/2013
People really underestimate the power of Donovan. (Archived)ElectricFoxLex14/9/2013
Any reason for me to get this if I have the Saturn version? (Archived)Psykechan44/9/2013
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