This vs the Batman: Arkham games.

#1CopShowGuyPosted 10/25/2012 5:33:34 PM
I personally love the stealth features in both games. You get a bunch of shiny toys and hide in vents in both!
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#2giocarePosted 10/25/2012 6:17:11 PM
There definitely seems to be some Arkham influences in this game. Smoke takedowns, hanging people from ceilings, terrorizing enemies, etc.
#3RRFCaptainPosted 10/25/2012 9:35:26 PM
"Bat's Prey", anyone?
#4xtreemmasheen3k2Posted 11/2/2012 4:20:19 PM(edited)
It's not really fair to compare the games to each other. One is a 3D AAA title. The other is a 2D XBLA/PC game. Also, one is about freaking Batman. The other is about Spider-Man.
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#5bigjig777Posted 11/3/2012 6:36:02 AM
Batman has a fully fleshed out beat em up mechanic besides detective mode etc. whereas this is more a pure stealth game. You can't really run in front of everyone and try beating them up.
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#6CopShowGuy(Topic Creator)Posted 11/11/2012 11:22:49 PM
Well everyone in this game has a gun. In Arkham, you can't (shouldn't) directly confront any enemy with a gun either.
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#7MasterShot2k5Posted 11/28/2012 6:26:21 PM
Well, Arkham city and Mark of the Ninja diverge when it comes to stealth mechanics. In mark of the Ninja your punishment for being seen is maximized by three factors, loss of points, being impeded by guards who are stronger than you if you fight head on, and the high probability of death as a result of their guns vs your Ninjutsu. In mark of the Ninja, you go through a path that allows you to have options as to HOW to go about this path. Kill them, sneak past them, sneak past a few, kill a few, you have options. But at the same time, if they see you you WILL be punished for it.

Now, Arkham City has a bit of a different standard. If you get caught and seen, there is one thing they did not count on, you are Batman, you have mastered over 127 different forms of martial arts, you know how to flow like water, if they grab a gun you can beat it off of them, but you NEVER kill. EVER. However, they are terrified of you because they feel that you will finally snap and kill somebody. But I am getting off tangent, as Batman your job is to infiltrate the room make them wonder how you got in, beat them up, scare them, get out. The combat system is required, you cannot go around fighting and just leave the room, you have to do your thing as Batman and beat them. The thing about games such as Mark of the Ninja, you have options but are weak to begin with.

In Batman Arkham Series games, you have power, and you have options, but there isn't as much freedom to do what you want to do, but you get to be Batman! :D
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#8chibi-acerPosted 12/29/2012 9:43:37 PM
xtreemmasheen3k2 posted...
Also, one is about freaking Batman. The other is about Spider-Man.

Ha ha, this actually made me laugh out loud. ^_^