So glad i picked this up. I thought some of those review were just blowing smoke

#1Sonorous_Jon1S8Posted 11/27/2012 7:24:56 PM
up my ass with their glowing praise.

Im 5 stages in and i love the gameplay, be it stealth/evasion/distraction/murder/collectibles/the skill upgrades. (lol wtf btw, im having a perfectly good time playing and suddenly you throw in a skill system, I F***ING LOVE YOU)

Ahhhh had to get it out of my system, i really am surprised just how enjoyable this game is.

Oddly enough the only thing i dont really enjoy, like Mirror's Edge (another game i love) though less severe, are the cutscenes. Not just because of the art style, but the mismatched feeling VA or meh dialogue during them. The overreaching story, and other voice work seem fine IMO. (and the contextual dialogue ingame is very well done)