Let help each other out

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4 years ago#51
Added everyone I could.

Gameloft handle: ChekhovsGunman
4 years ago#52
Gameloft- Redphienix
4 years ago#53
Add me prudence23
4 years ago#54
Gameloft ID: anaiseb
4 years ago#55
Kayaotic is mine
4 years ago#56
Please add both: Yatesfox & nimalima

We will gift ALL daily!!! Thanks.
4 years ago#57
Please add me!

4 years ago#58
nekoarreku here ^^ add me and i'll send gifts everyday :)
4 years ago#59
ID: dmb2272 please add me, need lots of hearts
Currently Playing: Borderlands 2 & Halo 4.
GT: xxxthetoadxxx
4 years ago#60
Add me too dillidill

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