so were are these watchable adds for free gems?

#1dargondarkfirePosted 1/17/2013 3:18:07 AM
in the gem store i see the option for free gems, but i see no adds, what i do see is a ton of things saying download and play this ap for 1-3 gems or various offers from 5-700+ gems for signing up for trials with things like hulu/gamefly or buying a magazine sub, or buying things similar to life lock.

i haven't even gotten enough gems to buy rarity and its only giving me 2 quests now, and they require items that cost gems. has no one heard of using a irl purchased currency as an optional way of buying things ingame?!

at the rate i'm earning gems it will probably take 1 year just for rarity, i i probably have to buy sweetie bell before raritie's purchase quest starts.