#1i4mePosted 1/20/2013 4:43:53 PM
pay for a balloon pop (25) carefully pop one balloon at a time. if you dont get what you want, pop out your battery before it loads the collection screen. if done correctly, you can reboot your game to get your gems back and re-roll (side note: you wont keep what you earn in the popping game if you take out the battery.)
#2i4me(Topic Creator)Posted 1/20/2013 6:47:08 PM
update: This drains battery VERY quickly. Also, it appears as long as you dont hit "ok" after popping all the balloons, you will be fine
#3i4me(Topic Creator)Posted 1/21/2013 3:33:42 AM
2nd update: it seems you must be connected to the internet to get the goodies. I went 7 tries on airplane mode without any luck, then turned it off and got photo finish on my first try