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3 years ago#1
Just something i wanted to do


Description: what your character looks like
Base Stats/Aptitude

Weapon Mastery (Humans only):

Unique Ablilities:
Ability Name

And that's it now let's go nuts and have fun
seaching for psychodrivers to experiment on
The Official Granveil pilot of the SRW OG 2nd Board
3 years ago#2
Description: A tall young women with a buxom figure and long sliver hair done up in a braided ponytail and an ahoge, she also has demon wings on her back and head.
She wears a black bodysuit with thighhigh stiletto boots and armored gauntlets (not gonna lie, Dark Eclair played a large part in this ones design) .
Class: Lilim Knight
Evility: All special attacks inflict Deprave at 30%
Base Stats/Aptitude
HP: 25/ 110%
SP: 23/ 115%
INT: 16/110%
SPD: 12/95%
HIT: 18/100%
Move: 5
Jump: 25
Counter: 3
Throw: 4

Weapon Mastery:
Fist: D
Sword: S
Spear: A
Axe: E
Bow: E
Gun: E
Staff: A
Book: B

Unique Ablilities:

Blast Sphere
She's so hot she'll burn them to a crisp
Power: C
Element: Fire
Range: Fixed 3 Ahead-3 Wide Range
Anita spins her weapon and then does a wide swing hitting a 3 Wide area with flames 3 times with an explosion doing a 4th hit

Mirage Star
Power of a shooting star
Power: B
Element: Star
Range: 4-Cross Shape
Anita splits into 5 colored selves and surrounds her victims and slashes them mercilessly, they then return to normal and Anita lets loose one more powerful technicolor slash, scattering her victims.

Dual Element Rush
The ultimate Sword skill of the Lilim knight
Power: SS
Range: Fixed-point blank
Anita summons two orbs of dark and light that converge one her weapon and becomes an energy blade, she then slashes the target several times and the stabs her victim the blade then explodes in a massive mushroom cloud, the smoke clears and Anita coughs up a puff of smoke.
seaching for psychodrivers to experiment on
The Official Granveil pilot of the SRW OG 2nd Board
3 years ago#3
Likely a non playable or extremely rare/late post game character. I did purposely go overboard, but hey... you said go crazy right? I like this idea and might post more stuff if others come along.

Name: Khaos
Description: A flawed Goddess/Demon God half-breed that looks and acts like a 11 year old girl. Only one who's insane. Wears a red frilly outfit with a short skirt and red fingerless gloves that have spikes (like Sonics knuckles). Her legs are covered by Long swirl patterned stockings, and super thick souled red shoes. She also has four wings that are multi colored, two are like a demons, and two are angel like. A spiked halo floats over her twin-tailed pink hair. Finally she has two twisted horns (like drills) and two tails with heart shaped tips.
Class: Chaos Incarnate
Evilty: Chaotic Element - Elemental Res changes randomly. (like so: 100% Res one element, 50% Res one element, 0% Res one element. The values flip everyturn. Also you can't see the changes... it always says 0% Res for all three elements.)
Base Stats / Aptitude
HP: 66/150%
SP: 55/150%
ATK: 33/130%
DEF: 22/100%
INT: 44/150%
RES: 22/100%
SPD: 44/140%
HIT: 33/120%
Move: 6 (Flying Type)
Jump: 40 (Flying Type)
Counter: 5
Throw: 2 (Monster Type)

Unique Abilities:

Chaotic Aura
A terrible death in a fun rainbow package!
Power: D
Element: None
Ailment: Random Ailments
Range: Adjacent Ring (Like Taro's Crybaby Strikes)
Khaos emits a ring of multi color energy from all around her. It then expands ramming enemies for multiple hits and status effects.

Chaotic Halo:
What does a Halo turning into a buzz saw look like? Time to find out!
Power: A
Element: None
Ailment: None
Range:10 Panels, Straight Line. Everyone in path is hit.
Khaos takes her halo and throws it at enemies. It spins along the ground like a buzz saw through a tree trunk.

Chaotic Wing:
What the.... wings can hurt that much?
Power: S
Element: None
Ailment: None
Range: Adjacent, Single Target.
Khaos slashes a foe once with a wing sending off the ground slightly. She the follows up with a long series of wing slashes as they continue to rise quickly. The last hit is a overhead wing bash that crashes the target back into the ground.

Total Chaos:
No more games... the end has come.
Power: SS
Element: Star
Ailment: Random Ailments
Range: Full 9 Squares, can be freely placed up to 6 squares away.
Khaos flys off the screen as the scene changes to deep space. She appears in the center and her four wings expand infintily int the distance. Reaching out, she gathers multi colored streams of energy that cause her wings to catch a colorful fire. Finally she fires a massive beam from each wing down at the planet/netherworld. The beams tear the earth apart as they pulverise targets. And just to be a troll... she slaps on status ailments.
3 years ago#4
Name: Kyouko Kazuura.
Description: Her hair is in the same style as the Female Angels, but it's a dark blue, violet eyes. Has black angel wings. Has dark red feathers on the shoulders of her black jacket, and on the sides of her jeans, and wears a chain in a 'X' shape around her hips.
Class: Shadow Angel.
Evility: "Avenging the Comrades" If deployed as the last unit, stats increase by 50%..
Base Stats/Aptitude
HP: 100/130%.
SP: 100/110%.
ATK: 50/130%.
DEF: 45/110%.
INT: 30/125%.
RES: 40/115%.
SPD: 30/100%.
HIT: 50/130%.
Move: 6 (Flying-Type).
Jump: 45 (Flying-Type).
Counter: 3.
Throw: 4 (Human-Type).

Weapon Mastery (Humans only):
Fist: D.
Sword: E.
Spear: D.
Axe: C.
Bow: S.
Gun: C.
Staff: A.
Book: E.

Unique Ablilities:

Ability Name: Shredder.
Watch out, She's the Cupid of Death!.
Power: C.
Element: Wind.
Range: Single Target, up to 4 Spaces away in any direction.
Kyouko simply mutters "I'm bored with you....." and draws wind energy into her bow, firing a spiraling Arrow into her targets chest.

Ability Name: Elemental Bow.
All 5 Elements, That's not safe....!
Power: A.
Element: Ice.
Range: Cross Shape, up to 4 Spaces away to the sides, front and back.
Kyouko merely smirks and says "I'll show you something interesting....", and splits into 5 of herself, each one colored after the Elements. The 5 circle the targets while firing arrows of their respective element, before merging back together, and shooting a single arrow into the middle of them, causing a huge explosion.

Ability Name: Star Destroyed.
To destroy entire planets....!, Wait, hasn't that been done before....?.
Power: S.
Element: Fire.
Range: 3x3 in front of her.
Kyouko says "I shall burn the entire Galaxy to ashes....!", before enlarging her black wings and flying into Space, She takes aim and fires large arrows at each planet, destroying each one, when the Earth explodes, the enemy is knocked into space, camera focuses on a smirking Kyouko, who says "See ya later....~" before firing an arrow at the Sun, causing it to detonate, as it explodes Kyouko simply laughs at the destruction.

More or less based off my Angel from D4, She always has a bad attitude, No one knows if she DOES have that kind of power, or she's just Bulls'ing everyone, lol, Might make one for my Beastmaster to....XD.
NOTE: Twilight in name Doesn't mean those movies. Noire (Neptunia) For Playstation All-Stars, DLC or 2 XD.
3 years ago#5
I have 3 characters in mind, oh well, I'll just pick my main favorite.

Name: "PXD"


A rather ominous black and purple shaded Prinny named PXD, prior to his 1st awaking on Netherworld, he had an Amnesia and all he remembers is capital letters P X D on his mind, thus decided naming himself that.

Manipulating his own shadow materialized as arms and legs, red glowing left eye and a silver eye-patch covering his right eye with X scar on it, and a pair of monstrous golden wings seemingly glows out white aura on it's back.

PXD is a Prinny that is forever cursed by the "Eternal Sin" through unknown reasons, causing him never able to reincarnate and if he dies, eventually gets resurrected after 13 years. And reason being significantly different and disturbingly formed compared to the other normal Prinnies is unknown.

Class: "Unknown Prinny"
Evility: "Main Target" - Inflict 3x damage than normal on Unique characters

Base Stats/Aptitude:
HP: 90/150%
SP: 90/150%
ATK: 100/ 200%
DEF: 90/150%
INT: 10/100%
RES: 90/150%
SPD: 90/150%
HIT: 90/150%
Move: 5 (Flight)
Jump: 50 (Flight)
Counter: 4
Throw: N/A

Weapon Mastery:


Unique Abilities:

Ability Name: Sinful Words
Description: "Better close your ears, you don't want to hear what he says."
Power: A
Element: None
Ailment: Random
Range: Front fan-shaped, 1 square then 3 squares horizontally then 5 squares horizontally.
Effects: PXD slowly opens his beak spewing dark purple matter causing enemies shaking, then he screeches violently spraying dark purple breath with sinful words "Envy, Sloth, Lust, Greed, Wrath, Gluttony and Pride" wavily on the enemies.

Ability Name: Ground Negative
Description: "You'll lose your footing, since there's nothing else to stand on!"
Power: A
Element: Fire
Ailment: None
Range: 3x4 squares at front
Effects: PXD flies and removes his Silver eye-patch, shooting out fiery lasers on the enemies and causing the ground to collapse, falling them then blasts out magma upwards with explosions.

Ability Name: Winged Metamorphosis
Description: "A merciless attack with slashes and wings acrobatics."
Power: A
Element: None
Ailment: None
Range: 5 squares with X formation, can be ranged to 4 squares away.
Effects: PXD morphed his arms into scythe and chainsaw and spreading his wings into 4, he jets out his 4 wings to the enemies while he slice and dice as well, after numerous hits the wings returned to him and deliver the flying final blow, causing blood splats on the screen.

Ability Name: Nightmare Unleashed
Description: "You'll regret for opposing me!!"
Power: S
Element: Star
Ailment: None
Range: Single square at front
Effects: PXD grabs the enemy then forming a black sphere, nothing but black screen the enemy looks around until it looks behind seeing glowing red sinister eyes, then the whole screen turns dark purple and zooms out revealing giant black humanoid monstrosity growling having roughly 5 times larger than Baal, the enemy runs towards the screen and he makes his hands glowing white then grabs his enemy to him then the screen blacks out again, only hearing growls and strange painful noises.
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3 years ago#6
seaching for psychodrivers to experiment on
The Official Granveil pilot of the SRW OG 2nd Board
3 years ago#7
Name: Winged Night
Description:someone clad in black armor that has wings on the helmet

Class: Dark Knight
Evility: Gains 15% ATK Aptitude when equipped with a sword
Base Stats/Aptitude
HP: 125%
SP: 110%
ATK: 150%
DEF: 85%
INT: 75%
RES: 95%
SPD: 100%
HIT: 100%
Move: 4
Jump: 20
Counter: 4
Throw: 3

Weapon Mastery (Humans only):
Fist: E
Sword: S
Spear: E
Axe: E
Bow: E
Gun: E
Staff: E
Book: E

Unique Ablilities:

Dark Aura
<An evil power surges striking fear in those close enough>
Power: C
FX: All Stats Down
Range: all adjacent squares (at sides and diagonal)
Dark energy flares up and engulfs everything around the user

Spacial Collapse
<Squish them into an ittybitty....something>
Power: B
FX: Confuse
Range: 3 squares wide one square ahead
Dark Energy engulfs the targets and causes them to shrink into a tiny dot, Winged Night then slashes the dot causing everyone inside to pop out.

Spacial Slash
<It's not the size that matters>
Power: SS
Element: Star
Range: Point Blank
Winged Night does a few back flips then summons the Dimension Slash, he then compresses the energy down until it's a small thin energy blade, he then dashes forward and slashes the target and then dismisses the sword, a gash then appears over the target as cracks begin to form from the crack until all the compressed energy explodes outward creating a massive energy pillar.
seaching for psychodrivers to experiment on
The Official Granveil pilot of the SRW OG 2nd Board
3 years ago#8
Well, this sounds like fun. My turn. You did say to go crazy, so....

Name: Nelius Raoul

Description: Stands 7 feet tall, with brown hair, and one orange eye, having lost his left in a fight years ago. Wears a long coat over a 'Zabel Zarock World Tour' shirt, cargo pants, and weather-proof boots. Due to an incident in another world, he has part of a Factory Desco-unit somewhat grafted into his left arm.

Class: True Darkness Hero

Evility: "Utasako Unit K"-- Upon a unit, regain 35% HP/SP per foe.

Other potential Evilities--

"Lay of the Land": Gain 2x EXP/Mana, cannot team/tower attack. (Uninheritable)
"Equal Knowledge": Inflict 30% extra damage to foes with the same weapon class. (Monsters cannot inherit)

Base Stats/Aptitude
HP: 57/140%
SP: 30/100%
ATK: 55/150%
DEF: 50/135%
INT: 60/145%
RES: 54/140%
SPD: 60/155%
HIT: 35/115%
Move: 7
Jump: 30
Counter: 2
Throw: 5 (Human)

Weapon Mastery (Humans only):
Fist: S
Sword: C
Spear: D
Axe: S
Bow: E
Gun: A
Staff: A
Book: B

Unique Ablilities:

Banishing Retribution
I'll be surprised if you survive this.
Power: C
Element: None
Alignment: 1x5 line
Range: 5 panels straight

Nelius' wings extend as he jumps into the air, summoning five fiery wisps. He then flaps, sending them onto the foe. As they hit, they explode into spheres of dark energy, tearing into the unlucky targets. Drops the victims' DEF/RES 15%.

Belderiver Team-up
Two in harmony surpass one in perfection.
Power: A
Element: None
Alignment: Single target
Range: Point-blank

Willing the Desco-graft to temporarily resume its original shape, Nelius reveals his destroyed left eye. As the dark power flows out and coats his body, he and the Desco-unit begin brutally beating the foe. After a gruesome tear with his sharpened hands, the Desco returns to his arm as he powers down.

Collateral Damage
I thought you had damage control!
Power: SS
Element: Star
Alignment: Conical shape, first as a 3x3, then a 3x5, finally as 3x7.
Range: 9 panels straight foward

Nelius opens up a gigantic crevice in the ground, jumping into it. The lead enemy gets curious, and investigates. What surfaces is the upper half of a demon halfway resembling a dragon/insect hybrid. When the enemy goes to run, the transformed Nelius gathers energy in his mouth, then fires it through an eye that opens up on his collarbone. Not only is the enemy vaporized on the spot, he evidently blows up a few neighboring universes at the same time.

When he reverts bac k to normal, he rubs his throat for a second and coughs up a bit of smoke.
3 years ago#9
Stupid Horse, it's a DEER crossing!!
The Official Granveil pilot of the SRW OG 2nd Board
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