Bored. Your top 5 favorite Disgaea characters.

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User Info: Yuji Kaido

Yuji Kaido
3 years ago#1

Oh yah.
Mine are:

1. Rozalin
2. Adell
3. Etna
4. Sapphire
5. Salvatore
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User Info: xXAyrtonXxD

3 years ago#2
1.valvatorez with Gig but he is from soul nomad
3.axel and flonne
3.yukimaru ( zam )
5.desco and mid boss

User Info: MNeighborTotori

3 years ago#3
Breaking the rules here:

1. Zetta
2. Laharl
3. Pram
4. Vyers
5. Etna

User Info: wavebird2010

3 years ago#4
1. Flonne
2. Desco
3. Etna
4. Prinny
5. Laharl

This was surprisingly hard. The only easy one was Flonne, because she is amazing xD
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User Info: DW7stillrules

3 years ago#5
As playable characters:

1. Laharl
2. Etna
3. Mao
4. Valvatorez
5. Rozalin

As characters overall:

1. Laharl
2. Etna
3. Valvatorez
4. Sapphire
5. Axel
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User Info: Dorami

3 years ago#6
1. Valvatorez
2. Flonne
3. Laharl
4. Captain Gordon
5. Sapphire
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User Info: vind3d

3 years ago#7
1 Yukimaru - Zam!
2 Laharl
3 Beauty Queen Etna
4 Hanako
5 Tard-o
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User Info: Kaguya_Kimimaro

3 years ago#8
Disgaea Centered:

Unique's Only:
2.Tie of Fuka and Desco.
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User Info: RascalTC

3 years ago#9
In no particular order:

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User Info: Baby_ragna

3 years ago#10
1. Valvatorez
2. Laharl
3. Axel
4. Prinny Kurtis
5. Artina
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