Trying to give my character max stats

#1PrinnyRaiderPosted 11/3/2013 11:30:19 AM
So I want to get my laharl max stats, but I'm not entirely sure how to get there.

I'm able to get him to lvl 9999 by doing CoO6 over and over again by doing 1 star, then 20 stars, and then finally lvl 1 LoC mode. Though I don't know how Rasetsu plays a part in this. When I turn it on I can barely kill the enemies on CoO6 on normal with 2 stars.

I also see the term growth correction and growth bills thrown around as well when talking about a maxed out character, but I don't know what these are. I see the growth correction value whenever I reincarnate, but not sure how to raise it and I don't know where or how to access these "growth bills"

Oh yeah and I am working on raising his aptitudes in the demon dojo.

So any advice and answers about how I go about maxing out a character would be much appreciated!
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#2BloodSugerPosted 11/3/2013 1:00:05 PM
Advice 1. Reincarnate from lvl 9999 250 times, yes it's alot but it will really help. Once you did the 250th time your stats by the time you hit lvl 9999 will be so high you can solo the item world no problem. (you can switch between Rasetsu and normal if you wish)

Advice 2. Go after a trapzohedron and level it to 300-999, stealing other Traps along the way.

Advice 3. Should be obvious but go after innocents like trainer, staticians, guardians etc.

Advice 4. Gring CoO 6 in LoC and if you can LoC+Rasetsu mode. Eventually you'll have millions of stats at level 1 through stat absorption.

Advice 5. Go beat all the post game maps, clear 100 floors of a least 1 item and beat Prinny X and the the 4 Prinny Zs.

Advice 6. Don't worry about weapon mastery/skill levels too much, you'll lose tons by reincarnating.

Advice 7. Have a masked hero with the 'Heart of a Flea' evility so you can get to the item dimension gate faster, preferably in 1 turn. If there's a gate keeper nuke it then take out the masked hero.

Advice 7. In the cheat shop when you have them unlocked, put the item world to cramped, no pirates, no geo panels, explosion range on, Everyone is a Bomb on. eing pirates will so the floor leveling of items, you'll want to get to the item gates as fast as possible with 0 geo panels. And when you've unlocked everyone is a bomb, you can clear most floors in 1 move by throwing anyone (just make sure you're nowhere near a unit to get blasted).

For the time b
#3PrinnyRaider(Topic Creator)Posted 11/3/2013 8:22:51 PM
So will there be a point where I just know I'm ready to do LoC+Rasetsu grinding?
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PrinnyRaider posted...
So will there be a point where I just know I'm ready to do LoC+Rasetsu grinding?

10 characters no longer gives a "game over". Once you can 1-shot packs in loc/rat coo6, just keep doing it. Increase stars every few reincarnations, stop when you die.
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