Stuck on tutorial (physically, need technical assistance!)

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4 years ago#1
So I dl'd the game when it first game out, back when it was crashing because most likely, everyone was trying it out.

Now I'm stuck on the tutorial, buying a mining zone. I can buy it, but I don't have a crystal to speed it up, and it's stuck showing "tutotial_mininghabitat.mininghabitat.txt" and things of that nature. Can't earn EXP easily to get out of level 2, so I cant clear bushes or buy buildings to feed the bots.

Anyone have any help? Or where to go to solve this? Lately' I've been demolishing and rebuilding the mining one, for exp, trying to get to level 3, but no goals will reward and I dont see a way to restart all progress without getting another gamecenter account
4 years ago#2
Try deleting the game and reinstalling.
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4 years ago#3
lol I had that happen to me too. Was stuck on the Snax Shack part where the tutorial lady was saying "tutorial_snaxshop.snack_shop_small.text."

I'd delete the app while also deleting the game data so you can start fresh. I've experienced quite a couple of glitches already.
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4 years ago#4
I solved it, thankfully.

Deleting it did nothing. I just powered through deleting/rebuying the mine place, got to level 3 and snax. Did small deals until I got to level 5, then got all the goals opened up. I lost all the bonuses and things from the tutorial and the +5 crystal goal for a mine is still there, but whatever, it's working fine now

Thanks all
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