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3 years ago#1
The first table I bought was Fantastic Four and I love it.

I've played a bunch of trials but I can't get a good sense of the table.
It takes time to see the amazing pinball action.

Could I get some insite on the best tables.


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3 years ago#2
World War Hulk is fun, it's almost hard to hit the pinball and NOT trigger a special. Definitly the easiest table to rack up points on and feel like a wizard, lol.
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3 years ago#3
The most common tables among my friends are Epic Quest and Plants vs Zombies. I like Epic Quest. It's pretty easy to get extra balls and keep the ball save active, and I actually feel like I know what I'm doing on it, unlike most tables.
3 years ago#4
My favorite tables are Plants vs Zombies, Fantastic Four, Sorcerer's Lair, and Earth Defense.

If you have an iPhone (or maybe Android, but I'm not sure) you can download the game for free and it comes with Sorcerer's lair already on it if you want to give it a longer demo.
3 years ago#5
I got the Paranormal table, and it's really good too. It's got a really cool design, and it's got lots of flippers and multiball modes.

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