The new Migrant Town + Monster Park info

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Once you're able to access the Migrant Town (and you can't really miss it, think it's similar to the old one) you'll need to find new migrants. The catch here is that they are specific monsters-turned-humans you need to search for.

After speaking to Tia, the girl in the center of the field, she'll give you hints on the first guy to find, a Slime-turned-Bard called Slaran, who can be found in Fishbell docks.

Speak to Tia after bringing him to the town, and you'll access the new feature in the remake, Tablet Dungeons..

Tablet Dungeons work similarly to DQ9's dungeons, except that you don't need to travel all over for the dungeons. All you need to do is to insert the Tablet into the machine (Tia will guide you to it) and you'll get to play through a preset dungeon with chests and end-boss. Clear 6 of them (aka 6 stamps) and you'll receive a Mysterious Scroll from the guy to the left of the machine (unsure what that does yet, haven't gotten 6).

Slaran will give you one that has nothing but Slimes, and a Slime boss who will drop a Super Life Seed (Herb for 2nd run, so it's not farmable). He'll also give you the location for the next monster-turned-human, and so on in a continuous chain.

At this point of time I've found 3:

Slaran - Fishbell
Natsu - Gran Estart Inn 2F
Hanami - Wood Paruna Chief's house 2F

Once Hanami joins the town gets upgraded, and you have access to the Bar, which is also the Internet Connectivity section. You get to exchange Tablets with other players on the server, download special Tablets and use Present Codes (one was given out to S-E Members yesterday).

Right now 2 Tablets are freely available for download. Pretty sure the exchanging thing will be more worthwhile after the post-game as I don't have any unique tablets yet, only the preset Monster ones.

As for the Monster Park, it should work as per normal, but the old guy in the park is also part of the big picture, he's the one who will allow you to swap Tablets via Streetpass. No chance to try that out till I fly over to Osaka on Monday (JAM Project concert!!), will update accordingly then.
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sounds good
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So the Immigrant Town works like DQIV DS now instead of how it used to?

That sucks
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Erugios posted...
So the Immigrant Town works like DQIV DS now instead of how it used to?

That sucks

I don't mind it at all, I was stressed the hell out trying for all forms in the original version.
Maybe they combined the best of all forms from the original release, or made all the items available from the shop or elsewhere.

Either way, I really hope this sees an overseas release sooner as opposed to later.
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Why is this game not in my veins right now?
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When is the strategy guide for this coming out? The reason I ask is because I want to be able to make the Bazaar like before and get the Metal King Equipment.
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Probably next month or so... just hope they don't divide it into two bloody books, again
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Kouli posted...
Probably next month or so... just hope they don't divide it into two bloody books, again

Kouli! You're still around? Awesome! You were a lifesaver back when DQVIII came out in Japan. Great to see you are still part of the community.
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So, did you find more of them yet? Letīs make a list of all the fake slimes!
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The next two are:

Beegon (Babygoyle), a chef in the Pub at Engow
Duckle (Dark Dwarf), a singing barbarian in the mechanical town's inn (the town, not the castle)

Haven't found the sixth one yet. Duckle says that #6 is a warrior in a traditional village filled with people who call themselves the descendants of the soldiers of God.