The new Migrant Town + Monster Park info

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Well I eventually did win the battle but only when the games RNG made it so that the + 80 to 100 Brutal hits (Inopp) hit for less then that which for me wasn't even 50% of the time.

Besides I'm not the only one theirs a few PS1 youtube videos of the same boss battle doing the same damage and the PC's barely surviving it BUT those videos are at level 16+ which takes too long to hit from level 12.
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Tiael posted...
It's best to just ignore what he says and laugh.

Nah, it's totally more fun to get him to continue posting the same wrong information over and over.

I guess I should start praying when my level 1 Hero takes on Inopp and Gonz this weekend. Yes, my level 1 Hero that has a War Hammer, Steel Armor, Dolphin Shield, Iron Mask, and Prayer Ring equipped and has had 1 Seed of Life (+6HP), 1 Super Seed of Life (+9HP) and 8 Seeds of Defense (+40 Def) used on him.

He'll be shaking in his poor hobo Link boots with his 40 HP, 72 Attack and 134 Defense. Surely he will.
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Well I never could win the lucky panel mini game even on the PS1 version so while I did own the Dolphin Shield the best armor and weapon I gave the Hero (are the ones bought inside the Penal Town and had his defense not even close to +130 (and only had it at +40 or so.)

But I used all my defense seeds (on Maribel) and only had each one boost the stat by +1 to 2.

Besides on this version of the game I ONLY plan on doing the Migrant town dungeons to farm defense seeds super seeds of life etc AFTER job class changes can be done and besides the bosses after Innopp/Gonz use spells that the Dolphin shield can't block.

So good luck winning those battles even on this version at level 1 for all 3 PCs. Besides to have the Hero in the hero job at level 1 he would have to stay dead until after Sacrifice can be learned.

Critical hits ignore defense and while their brutal hits aren't critical hits (their normal fight command hits ) can be critical hits which may possible still kill any PC still at level 1.

Btw since the Migrant town uses fixed NPC's that can join it the 4 tiny medals you can get each time the town gets upgraded can be permanently missable (and its still possible) to get the Casino to give out Metal King Swords etc as soon as all 14 fixed NPC's are found or do you need more NPC's then that to do so.
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VeghEsther posted...

Besides on this version of the game I ONLY plan on doing the Migrant town dungeons to farm defense seeds super seeds of life etc

We're done here. With this statement you have just proved to me without a single doubt that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.
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Well to get some of those items like 1 x Super Seed of life you need to do the migrant town optional dungeons like the cave of slimes and kill its boss the first time (sure those items can only be won) off the bosses only once BUT the minor enemies in later area's may still drop some of those stat up items for free.

Like farming the weakest metal slimes for the normal defense up seeds.

BUT I only plan on doing that AFTER you can access the job class changes not before.

Besides even if you level 1 hero survives Innop + Gonz the ONLY way for him to stay at level 1 and BE at the hero job with it at master level if your that crazy is to kill the 2 bosses with the OTHER 2 PC's.
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Slime House browser game campaign DLC is now released via mail to all those who participated and managed to achieve Lv7 in both Adventuring and Affection sections.

Please check your e-mail inboxes for the codes.
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As someone who got all the immigrant towns in the original game, I'll say it sucked in the original. That's because the more immigrants of a certain type you got, the less likely you were to find more of that type. So getting the last few could take hours each.
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OK, I have a student who's hit an issue with the Migrant Town, and I don't know how to help him. He has beaten the final boss, but the sailor migrant in the desert town has yet to show up at all. Has anyone figured out just what ARE the flags for migrant appearances in this game? Because it seems to me that there's more to it than just reaching a particular story point.
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Well, they don't just show up due to story progress. You still have to talk to each immigrant in order because they give out the hints for the next and on. Tell the student to repeat the process (i.e talk to the PREVIOUS immigrant first BEFORE you go find the next).
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He's talked to the previous immigrant several times. So have I, using his game. That is definitely not the issue.