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So heres something interesting (Archived)WeretigerRei32/27/2013
Question about Casino ... (Archived)ayion52/26/2013
Streaming the game right now (Archived)krw70392/26/2013
Any more new weapons? (Archived)lobsterquest32/24/2013
Anyone a fan of the Lumen section? (small spoiler) (Archived)Muka42/23/2013
sailing on a ship (Archived)bararad1342/22/2013
What the chances that (possible spoiler?) (Archived)
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Vocation modifications? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
DQVII at E3 (Archived)RagnarokPhoenix82/20/2013
Did they reduce the amount of grinding required from the PS1 version? (Archived)nl25582/18/2013
Were there any locations in the original... (Archived)Shadowman62162/18/2013
Game is too easy. (Archived)
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Are Godhands still OP? (Archived)Bearpowers72/16/2013
So... is there a way to turn off the shard radar? (Archived)
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This game will be the catalyst that gets me to buy a 3DS (Archived)
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How long would it take for a first timer with a leisurely pace take to 100% it? (Archived)XXXB0BXXX32/13/2013
First time playing DQ7 (Archived)MuZemike22/13/2013
question for those who are playing this now (Archived)DDDDrova32/11/2013
the new screenshots show monsters in your party? (Archived)
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Latest News for DQVII (Archived)
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