Your top 5 character you enjoy using so far.

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3 years ago#1
1. Zhao Yun(Shu)
2. Zhou Tai(Wu)
3. Lu Xun(Wu)
4. Xu Shu (Shu/Wei)
5. Wang Yuanji(Jin)

Sazh - Racist caricature and worst FF character ever. Don't agree ? Your problem.
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3 years ago#2
1. Lu Meng
2. Huang Gai
3. Sun Jian
4. Jia Chong
5. Zhu Rong
3 years ago#3
1. Li Dian
2. Zhang Chunhua
3. Guo Jia
4. Wang Yuanji
5. Zhenji

Yes. They're all Wei/Jin people, I know.
3 years ago#4
Only played Shu/Wu so far, barely scrached the surface of the characters

Jiang Wei
Guan Xing
Sun Quan (Really digging him now that he's the only "sword" user)
Gan Ning
Zhou Tai (Always a beast)
3 years ago#5
1) Zhuge Dan
2) Dong Zhuo
3) Deng Ai
4) Gan Ning
5) Meng huo
3 years ago#6
These are the ones that I use the most:

1. Sun Jian
2. SSX
3. Da Qiao
4. Lu Meng
5. Guan Yinping
3 years ago#7
I've only finished the Wu story but HOLY **** Huang Gai so much fun. Dat Boat. Dat Suplex.
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3 years ago#8
1. Ma Chao
2. Yue Jin
3. Xiahou Dun
4. Sun Quan
5. Lu Xun
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3 years ago#9
1. Guan Yinping (Shu)
2. Lu Bu (Other)
3. Wang Yuanji (Jin)
4. Zhou Tai (Wu)
5. Sima Shi (Jin)
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3 years ago#10
1.sima shi
2.huang gai
3.xiahou yuan
4.zhao yun
5.wen yang
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  3. Your top 5 character you enjoy using so far.

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