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3 years ago#1
I can easily see them as eventually being assigned to wholly new characters when XL or Empires rolls around. The Twin Fans scream 'Xiaoqiao' even though the Iron Fan doesn't suck anymore, and I have a distinct feeling that the fire sword will go to someone in Wu...maybe Zhu Ran or someone?
3 years ago#2
oh god its capcom
3 years ago#3
Capcom?! Where?!
3 years ago#4
That's a possibility. Though I personally think it's already been determined who gets some of the weapons.

Check the weapon section and you'll see screenshots of characters associated with the weapons. Xiaoqiao is pretty much a given, Suo with greaves sounds like a no brainer and I think the Blazing Sword is gonna be Quan's new EX weapon (goodbye incredibly generic basic sword moveset), iffy on the rest. My theory is that eventually not all weapons have to be someone EX's. 'Filler' movesets is how'd I like to describe it. I think it would be incredibly lame if the iron fan had to be passed to a new character just because Xiao gets the twin ones, don't you think? <3
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3 years ago#5
I can see the Iron Fan and the Sword becoming generic. I can also kind of see Suo wielding the Graves, given his kick-based Musou attacks and such. But the other images...Idunno, I GUESS I can see at least one of them going to a new character, and that would be the Rotating Crossbow.

As for the, I'm still not certain. It's a very Yueying weapon, but she's already got her classic longpick...
3 years ago#6
Ditto on the wristbow. It's like I want it to be her new EX weapon but also not at the same time. Really curious to see who they'll give it to. And I'd add the nunchaku to the list of potential generics as well. I can't imagine the weapon being given to another character a second time. <3
Forever hoping for a sequel. Goddammit I'm begging you, tri-Ace!
3 years ago#7
Platinite posted...
Capcom?! Where?!

Ignore him. Now, he's talking nonsense.
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3 years ago#8
DW8 Empires:
Xiaoqiao gets twin fans. Sun Quan gets fire sword. Hopefully the rest go to actual new characters.
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3 years ago#9
you're right. even capcom dont sell movesets. pray forgiveness for error.
3 years ago#10
Ma Chao needs to get rid of that generic Spear moveset as well.
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