Zhou Tai 5th Weapon Help?

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3 years ago#1
Hi can someone please tell me what im doing wrong, I have done everything identically to this video https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EB4tXLqbEME sometimes i'm even faster than the video & still after I defeat Sima Zhao the weapon just wont pop up,
step by step heres what i'm doing

the level starts i ride my horse to the middle eastern base 1st, slaughter that general then bolt across to the middle western base slaughter that general next i rush to the west gate defeat the the gate captain to open the doors to gain access to defeat that general by this time Cao Xiu has just finished chatting crap & begins his march south, so i then again rush to the west & defeat the general in that base, next i hang around inside that base & wait until Zhou Fang defects & the fire attack was a success & then proceed across the bridge to defeat Cao Xiu & only him, then after Sima Shi/Zhao appear im already half way to Shi so I defeat him & only him (I dont touch Wang Yi) & then finally kick the crap out of Zhao to not have the weapon pop up,

its getting annoying now, am i doing anything wrong? Also I'm aware of the 2.30 time frame & the quickest i have personally got is just under 2.00 so i dont think thats the problem. Any help would be great
3 years ago#2
Are you playing on Hard or above? Also in case you're worried about your speed, just play the stage on free mode with Zhou Tai so you can equip Red Hare. Other then that, it doesn't seem like your doing anything wrong, that weapon was annoying for me as well ( But Diaochan's is still much, MUCH worse.)
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3 years ago#3
im playing on the 4th difficulty level (2nd to bottom) which i assume is Hard mode? or is it not?
3 years ago#4
Correct, the 2nd from the bottom is Hard and bottom is Chaos
3 years ago#5
Alright so it's not the difficulty then. Are you sure you're killing all the officers in the 2:30 time frame? The timer starts as soon as Zhou Fang announces his "betrayal", So Cao Xiu needs to be killed as fast as possible as to not waste time.

If you need help add my PSN ( in sig) and I'll help you out on Free Mode with Lu Bu and steamroll the thing for you.
PSN: Shironos (If you add me, put GameFAQs in the message)
3 years ago#6
So at least you can get the fire to start, that'swhen the timer starts. Basically, pay attention to what they say, as soon as they start talking at the lower right base, you rush there and kill him. What I did was wait at the bridge to the left of the building where the fire starts.

After that, pretty much save up your 3 bars and rush all the way to the top left to kill the 2 brothers. This weapon is all about speed and execution. Btw if you don't have a Red Hare, you can always do what I do:


With Zhou Tai you don't need a horse...I got my weapon on the 1st try =/
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