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You cant fast travel due to taking health damage... (Archived)StevePsych512/10/2012
New character. (Archived)Roxas_1124312/10/2012
Lol I have 6 followers right now. (Archived)Hypochondriathe512/10/2012
Best part about the new DLC? (Archived)Mobile_Platform412/10/2012
Do I have to start a new character to play the expansion? (Archived)PuzzledPudding512/10/2012
The blessings from the stones (Archived)professorfrink1412/9/2012
DB Glitch: At The Summit Of Apocrypha.(Spoiler) (Archived)mellowsteez212/9/2012
Are the spears going to be one handed? (Archived)
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The temple of Miraak Glitch (spoilers) (Archived)GrandiAExtr17112/8/2012
Autosaves automatic? (Archived)73_XB_Falcon412/8/2012
joinable factions in this dlc (Archived)nknight2084212/8/2012
sometimes microsoft makes no sense (Archived)shiffty88912/8/2012
Couple questions (no spoilers) (Archived)greendude123212/8/2012
Dead body glitches (semi-spoiler alert) (Archived)MrNateJames212/7/2012
How much did Solstheim change since Bloodmoon? (Archived)CidHighwindFF7212/7/2012
where is the sallow regent? and is it in a quest locked location like... (Archived)Lockeadon312/7/2012
cant get souls when every time i kill a dragon that oher dragon born steals it (Archived)
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Vahlok's Tomb Nordic Puzzle Door Need Help! (Archived)skyrimjunkie412/6/2012
Opinions? Facts? Help? (Archived)ZiggalyPiggaly512/6/2012
Without spoilers, is it any good? (Archived)Leatherhide812/6/2012
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