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Question about costumes (Possible minor spoilers) (Archived)MotherKojiro23/14 11:41PM
Saliva Island Blue/Brown jar?? (Archived)Taipan2033/13 11:59PM
Any news about cross-buy on this? (Archived)imamelia73/12 10:54AM
Huh. Turns out one of the Heart Squids is missable. (useless info) (Archived)The_Korey33/8 12:52AM
Cacklebat glitch? (Archived)markrc43/4 12:34PM
Looking to do a speedrun. Does pausing keep the clock running or stop it? (Archived)Grimdandelo92/28 12:19AM
Is Rottytops soulless? (Archived)StudiousThug62/23 1:38PM
Spiderweb Island is so lame (Archived)Nanis2342/23 10:47AM
3ds or wii u version? (Archived)Ansem_the_evil42/23 5:59AM
Who's your Waifu from this game? (Poll)StudiousThug22/23 5:48AM
Where do I use the Hopeful Flame? (Archived)ViewtifulGene42/22 8:00PM
Finally out in Europe! First impression (Archived)Link48482/16 5:13PM
Looks like EU version doesn't have Brochure glitch. (Archived)avengah72/16 2:15PM
Havnt had this much fun in a game for ages (Archived)JRPG72/15 12:03AM
Got all dark Magic x20 now how do I use it or access a scene at the lonely grave (Archived)JRPG52/14 4:48AM
Can you still get those Half-Genie kickstarter bonuses? (Archived)lvalice22/13 11:01PM
Two missing squids (Archived)Red Orc82/10 12:01AM
February 5 update confirmed to fix wallpaper bug (Archived)shapuppet92/8 11:13AM
Help in Tan Line Temple. (Archived)BeanBeanKingdom62/7 4:55AM
Does anyone have access to the portrait art of the characters in this game? (Archived)Shiga51/29 8:24PM
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