After activating all the Harmony stones...!

#11Karasu_TenPosted 11/15/2012 8:30:39 AM
Wow, 500? Yeesh... That's unfortunate. Guess I'll be buying them bit by bit to eventually get her... -_-
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#12Kant_Remoob_EhtPosted 11/17/2012 9:34:33 PM
You could always use hearts to try and get some from the balloon game..... granted I am not sure how many you can actually get from it, that and it is 30 each time to try and get something from it.
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#13gingerwingsPosted 11/18/2012 6:22:13 AM
one time, when scowling at the gem purchasing page, I saw a little 'get free gems' option on the bottom left. I got 1 free gem for each 30 second ad I watched for some terrible looking gameloft games. I think I earned about 10 gems before they ran out of ads to show me - I assmed they'd have a new batch or something after a day or so, but thus far the 'get free gems' option has never shown up again. anyone with info about this?