Expansion expense correlation?

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3 years ago#1
It seems that every time I expand (get rid of a patch of darkness) the cost of doing so increases dramatically! Is it just me?

Any ideas on strategy to combat? Do you expand as much as possible first? Get more shops/ponies first to afford the expansion? . . . ???
3 years ago#2
I recommend you don't expand everything immediately. More land means more parasprite spawn points(unless it's covered with stuff like buildings and decorations, or heck, cover it all in dirt roads). And a ton of parasprites can easily overwhelm a beginner who doesn't have alot of shops to give harmony shards
3 years ago#3
Thank you! I haven't been dealing with the parasprites until I've activated the stone (rg, I've activated the blue stone so now happy to squash those guys, and I just activated the apple/honesty so now squashing all those)
I didn't think that they actually did anything apart from be annoying - oops! I've also been leaving the rocks grow where I have cleared until I need the space- is that bad strategy?
3 years ago#4
Leaving stones alone isn't as bad since money is easier to come by and they also stop parasprites from spawning.
Parasprites don't do anything really, but you can't build anything where there's a swarm of parasprites and it's gonna be annoying when Parasprites that require rare harmony shards, like magic, show up.
2 years ago#5
I like to cover every 2x2 patch after I expended a land so it prevent further spawning, when I need the space, I remove the decorations (most of the time wells or trees) but yeah after every expansion it gets more expensive to expand more land.
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