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2 years ago#1
I got to his point threshold in the mine cart minigame... but nothing happened. The way the menu operates in the new update i can't claim any of the prizes from the minigame's menu, and I can't find him anywhere else. He isn't in the store like Sapphire Shores ended up being, and he's not in my inventory. Am i screwed out of getting him?
2 years ago#2
it might be a glitch, usually when you unlock someone they unlock in the store. He can only be placed in canterlot, so make sure your lookin at the canterlot ponies you can buy. If you cant figure out how to do that, travel to canterlot then open the store. If you still cant find it. I guess your SoL
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2 years ago#3
Actually, I have a hunch he'll show up in the dancing game now instead. I remembered that's where I grabbed the other two, Astro and Richard, before this update was even a thing, I think. Either way it's something Gameloft needs to correct, as NONE of the mine cart prizes work, including currency.

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