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2 years ago#1
Hiya, just looking for opinions on anything I should be doing at this point in my game.

Im rank 83 atm and my notable people are
Ult Amaterasu / Mog Archangel / Alraune / Blue ninja Hatsume / Lakshmi / Idunn Idunna / Gigas / Venus / Vamp Lord / Piedra

I think they basically threw a healer team at my face but how viable is a healer team overall?
I know begining wise im rolling thru AmaOdin combo but I wanna start preparing for the harder dungeons.

Who should I focus on of my people atm? Who should I farm? How on earth do I beat a descend or master/myth.
Is venus light dark more useful than piedra resist? I dont really wanna evo both but I do have plenty evo mats atm. Especially rainbowkeeprs n masks.

I heard idunn is good but waterwise idk how much of a team I can build that would survive like the o'almighty Ama has been thru.
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2 years ago#2
You want a Valkyrie or Light Metatron to lead your healer team. Unfortunately LMeta is a godfest exclusive and Valk's descend isn't too easy.

Sanctuary Guardian Archangel could work as a leader paired with Valk, but she's even harder to get as she requires Angelits.

L/L Venus is who you want for a Healer team, L/D is God/Devil.

In general, Healer teams are good for farming, and can clear some descends, but not all of them without huge investment and luck.

I&I and Vamp (when he's evolved for his 0/2/2 leaderskill) are probably your best options atm.

Vamp in particular can pair with a Red Sonia for a fairly strong team, Something like Vamp, Jester Dragon Drawn Joker, Chaos Venus, Hera, Hera, Red Sonia should be able to beat a fair number of things.
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2 years ago#3
Omg adapt is alive
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2 years ago#4
I'll give that Valk dungeon when it shows a try for sure.
I tried 3 pulls on godfest praying for meta but to no avail lol, i'll be saving for the next one.

I have one angelit from pal. Wish I had two for my archangel.

I guess next godfest will be the major deciding factor on where to go. Since if I get a sonia or metatron it makes a clear decision. I'm basically stuck in a wonky place based on luck it seems from what ya say, until I get enough strength to take down an athena or some gravity players. Thanks btw.

Is the king shynee worth getting or should I focus on gigas evolved for huge hp to tank thru pain instead of burst damage?

Hi nargaaaaaa
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2 years ago#5
Sir, you should farm.

Farm a siren, farm experience, level up those monsters.

I&I are beastly. Get that vamp up to a duke vamp lord. Run hero descended get a siegfried. Get an awoken hera-is, and finally win the game.
2 years ago#6
I have siren, but she didnt interest me for some reason. Should I really level her? I was more dying for lilith n enchida to end my easier(not really) to get team
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2 years ago#7
Siren's the Blue Heartmaker. if you plan on running I&I as a leader, she's a good investment. She'll also be a stopgap member of a healer team, but Angelion (or to a lesser extent CoC Glorious Healer) is the heartmaker you really want for that team. That said I don't really recommend farming normals below tier 5 for Siren (or Echidna or Lilith), unless you've also got another reason to run a dungeon they're in. The odds of them dropping there are abysmal, much better to try and get them from special dungeons they appear in.

If you're running healer, yes, you need a King Shynee, but you need a leader for it to be worthwhile.

Don't bother attempting Valk at this time, you're definitely not ready. Hera is where you should start your descend career. A Vamp 2/2/4 team is capable of 0 stoning Valk Legendary, which is partly why I suggested that route. And keep in mind that Healer is primarily a farming team, you'll need different leaders for harder descends. Zeus, Hera-Ur, and Satan are a few popular farmable leads, the latter two of which will use devil subs (which Vamp also employs) so they'd transition that way pretty well.
You can't make an omelette without crushing dozens of eggs beneath your steel boot and then publicly disemboweling the chickens that laid them as a warning.
2 years ago#8
TC I am basically in your same situation, right at the same rank, I have been focused on leveling/evolving all my monsters to make my teams better. But I think I am about to start trying to go through all the normal dungeons now. My biggest gripe at this point is that I feel I could have awesome teams, but my team cost is at 94, so Awoken Odin takes up half of that on his own. So basically I have to just level up my rank so I can use a full team of my good monsters :(
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2 years ago#9
That's pretty much the case for all new players. Need to rank up to a certain point before being able to use descend ready teams.

I didn't really do Hera Descended successfully until I got to rank 110.
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2 years ago#10
Adapt I missed you ;~;

How ya been?
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