price check on leviathan?

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4 years ago#1
Also would its value appreciate over time? There arent enough on the market for me to get an accurate picture
4 years ago#2
The price is more likely to depreciate over time.

More cards will find their way to the market over time, increasing the supply, while more and more interested people will have gotten their hands on it, decreasing the demand.

Add to that the fact that new cards will come out with even better stats (that's the nature of card collecting games), and it's a triple-loss.
4 years ago#3
As for the price, I can only speculate.

I would say that it might be possible to get a Leviathan at somewhere around 200 potions, possibly a little more.
It's brand new (low supply) and everyone is interested (demand), but it doesn't appear to have super high stats.
4 years ago#4
Thanks for the info man. I play a game where most cards become unobtainable after a period of time, so values tend to appreciate lol. Ill definitely note the sale info lol
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