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3 years ago#1
I was wondering for anyone who has gotten to pack 6 does the price go up after pack 1 which cost 100 Gems? And is so how does it scale. Thanks in advance ^_^
PSN: Valdrek
3 years ago#2
i believe it goes 100 > 300 > 500? > ??? (it may be 1000 or less) >???

i find these type of schemes total rip offs, the scheme is common for all these card games and the pay off seems to suck for most of them (i say most, but i've found that you can get better pulls from tickets in Legends of the Cryptids and Galaxy Saga compared to RoD and RoB, so maybe their version of climbing packs have better results)
3 years ago#3
Oh wow well there goes that plan if it stayed at 100 then I was thinking of going for it but yeah that it a steep cost for the MR.
PSN: Valdrek
3 years ago#4
keep in mind that I'm speculating beyond the second one which is 300

more importantly, you're not guaranteed to even get an SR once you reach 5 and get a sheet.

the first time i spent cash was on the stamp pack, where you get 12(?) cards, a sheet, and 1 stamp. the stamp landed on blessings, but i was extremely lucky and got a MR from the 12 pack. extremely lucky, seeing how the premium packs mostly give rares. at the time when i barely had any rares, it was worth it, not that I'm finishing of my SR and looking to get MR's, not so much.

but I'm a free player now and i haven't made any more purchases since the first one, so take what i say with a grain of salt
3 years ago#5
Oh I thought the stamps went in order so it places the stamp randomly?
PSN: Valdrek
3 years ago#6
totally random but landing on the cards is probably harder

i think the one-time purchase of the stamp pack for 1000 gems is a good deal if you're going to pay.

the climbing pack 1st tier is good due to getting a potion along with a card, where you might get lucky. which i totally forgot i did (so i actually made two purchases), i pulled what was my first Demonsword from that pack. that was a very lucky day which i've never been able to pull off with premium tickets since (although i did get a Mage Queen from a premium during the 30 day login).
3 years ago#7
100 gems - - 1 Rare (or better), 1 Power Potion.
300 gems - - 2 Rare (or better), 1 Power Potion.
500 gems - - 3 Rare (or better), 1 Power Potion.
800 gems - - 4 Rare (or better), 2 Power Potions.
1500 gems - 5 Rare (or better), 2 Power Potions, 1 Stamp (random).
2000 gems - 6 Rare (or better), 2 Power Potions, 1 Stamp (random).

The MR will always be the last stamp you get.
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