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3 years ago#1
So I am a new player (only been at it for 2 weeks), and just got an Elemental Shaman (Friendship points), up to 4-7. It says that the Elemental Shaman is supposed to have a X2 multiplier for this raid event. Well with her finally maxed I jumped into a fight.

To test it out I selected 60% and went at the boss with my old deck:
92733 ATK (with bonus) = 254886 damage

I then swapped out one card for the Maxed Elemental Shaman
92616 ATK (with Bonus) = 210175 damage

Now I know some of that is due to changes in buffs and the randomness of the encounter, but going down 40k dmg when adding a X2 card to my deck?

Anyone know if these even work before I try to get Ifrit maxed out?
3 years ago#2
I've tried the same with a base shaman and was better off without it, I think that's a gimmick for the weaker players.
3 years ago#3
is this in battle or the stated stats before you battle?

shaman and ifrit are definitely for low level players, it won't help mid-level and above.
3 years ago#4
Those are the stats when I am in the raid boss "Ready Room" selecting my deck and selecting how much of my ATK points I want to use. So I am at about 61233 base with the 150% bonus

Does the x2 affect only the shaman or does it affect the entire deck? I was under the impression it was the entire deck, hence why I went for it.
3 years ago#5
just the advantage card
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