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Candy Crush General Discussion - Part 2
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Really? I'm the only person on GFAQs playing this? (Closed)
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Was this changed or a glitch or what? (Archived)Zeekfox48/26 2:17PM
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Anyone here with 3,000 / 3,000 stars? (Archived)Boo_Mario38/4 9:47AM
Odus faked me out! (Archived)Zeekfox17/31 4:52PM
What the hell is with Dreamworld 22 and 24? (Archived)Boo_Mario37/25 8:11AM
What is the point of Candy Crush Soda Saga? (Archived)
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King released a sequel called Candy Crush Soda Saga. Android only for now. (Archived)Boo_Mario57/4 7:55AM
Questions for the board (Archived)
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Does this game ever get better? (Archived)Boo_Mario86/7 2:42PM
This game and company are destroying the game industry - don't play/buy it (Archived)Surefirepegasus56/6 9:15AM
Excluding yourself, highest Candy Crush level you've seen played in public? (Archived)Boo_Mario25/19 1:42PM
Okay, I've killed Odus in the first move before, but this was more impressive (Archived)Zeekfox25/8 4:38AM
Candy Crush No Boosters Club (Archived)Boo_Mario34/25 9:00AM
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Level 197 advice? (Archived)TuxedoRay29/25 3:03PM
Level help (Archived)Moonlei28/23/2013
Where are the permanent power boosters? (Archived)itirnitee48/18/2013
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