Anyone still hoping they'll remake Final Fantasy 7?

#1LLcooldre2728Posted 5/26/2013 8:57:11 AM
I've been having these weird thoughts lately...
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#2supoPosted 5/26/2013 8:58:12 AM
I hope yes, but will they ever make it? Don't think so.
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#3KaleliskalelPosted 5/26/2013 9:05:19 AM
the lead guy over at squeenix was quoted saying they would remake final fantasy 7 after they eclipse its success. which will likely never happen. so there you go

makes me sad. i would definately play an ff7 remake on ps4
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#4-DEIMOSPosted 5/26/2013 9:06:47 AM
I want FFIV PS4
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#5Zangan_ZackPosted 5/26/2013 9:30:28 AM
Knowing Square-Enix we'll probably never see a proper remake of Final Fantasy 7.
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#6LeXiNgToN33Posted 5/26/2013 9:35:38 AM
SE hates money so as much as I want a remake to happen I know it won't
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#7battlfrnt2006Posted 5/26/2013 9:37:59 AM
I'd rather have a remake of FFVI
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#8NemeksisPosted 5/26/2013 9:39:05 AM
If they ever end up remaking it they'll add all the stupid stuff they had on the god awful sequels and they'll end up ruining the game.
#9megadeester3Posted 5/26/2013 9:42:18 AM
I could see it in a HD collection.
#10Dr_KainPosted 5/26/2013 9:57:13 AM
No thanks. Don't get me wrong, if they just did a straight up remake, it would be awesome. However, that was Square 1997, this is Square 2013. Chances are, a remake would just end up being one giant hallway and the Materia system would be a hallway.
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