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Ps Plus December
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JCrimson952011/26 12:29PM
Are there any good deals for a PS4 this holiday season?boundedcrib211/26 12:27PM
is akibas trip coming to europe on the ps4?thefabregas22411/26 12:21PM
Loadout coming to PS4 "very soon". with new co-op campaignPhaseBlack711/26 12:16PM
best buy black friday bundlechiballer1011/26 12:02PM
Less sensitive power button.Xplode-211/26 11:59AM
Some areas in Resident evil Remake have been completely remade. Looks great!
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knightimex1711/26 11:58AM
PS Camera for Xmas? Games?Applecola311/26 11:51AM
which PS4 deal is better?Leonman01611/26 11:45AM
Who else here didn't think Dark Souls 2 was coming to PS4 at all?
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nanofazz971211/26 11:41AM
What are some good cinematic experience 24fps PS4 games?Extreme_Liberal811/26 11:37AM
should sony be sued for driveclub like they are with the vita?
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big_pimper3111/26 11:19AM
Doesn't sony own blu ray?
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solid_snake_481711/26 11:19AM
Guilty gear XRD Demo is up!!!knightimex511/26 11:18AM
Any DS4 Black Friday offers in UK?IcemanGBR511/26 11:17AM
Question about fight sticksonicfan11589711/26 11:16AM
Random Poll! Which video game ability would you choose? (Poll)
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Ninja_Gaignun2511/26 11:11AM
Will the next The Elder Scrolls be reminiscent of Morrowind or Skyrim?
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Terantatek1911/26 11:03AM
Is there a way to overclock my PS4 so I can get 60FPS and 1080p? (Closed)SolidKnight911/26 10:59AM
headphone compatibility questions..darkslayer001511/26 10:56AM