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How long will u **cough cough** be sick from work tomorrow to play Bloodbourne
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Are You Going To Purchase Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain? (Poll)
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Is Zombie Army a good single player game? I'm about to buy this.shotgunheadshot63/29 10:45AM
PREY SLAUGHTERED ! Happy weekend every1
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BroDudeJaggies113/29 10:42AM
MLB 15 The Show Preloadps4fan93/29 10:39AM
Tekken 7 - Jin & Devil Jin Trailer (Closed)
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IceHusky13143/29 10:37AM
We need WWE games remastered
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Chromxolivia493/29 10:25AM
Since 2.50 I'm getting "Vanguard Armory cannot be downloaded" messageRD_2153/29 10:18AM
Next ps4 Call of Duty needs to go bad to feeling dangerous and exciting.knightimex13/29 10:12AM
system update helpdragoncf13/29 10:04AM
Content cannot be selected at this time...AnimeAddict2003103/29 9:57AM
Fun Fact: Bloodborn is the BEST horror rpg in history
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BroDudeJaggies423/29 9:45AM
For those who are getting MK10.. (Poll)
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ItchyTasty93323/29 9:45AM
any tips for a new owner of a PS4?Trigg3rH4ppy53/29 9:43AM
Uninterruptable Power Supplydjw2005103/29 9:40AM
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Out of curiosity, when's the next SDK/API update?DigitalV253/29 9:25AM
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Quick question regarding recent activity since the updateTommySniper_18213/29 9:12AM
Trophies offline?L0Z23/29 9:00AM