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Do they sell USB to PS4 cables and where can I buy official ones?
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HakuMan111386187/30 9:37AM
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Are You Going To Purchase Alien: Isolation On The PS4? (Poll)
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ComradeRyan277/30 9:05AM
Dragon Age Might Suffer From EA and Xbone Partnership
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OverLordChaos227/30 9:03AM
The Last of Us Remastered or Watch Dogs? (Poll)
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TheAlphaKing167/30 8:54AM
PS4 and Xbox One are going to do even worse in Japan than the PS3 and Xbox 360
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RobJ24167/30 8:52AM
Would a good pair of headphones be better then surround?
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Xystence117/30 8:43AM
man i really missed TLOU's MPpeephole30317/30 8:38AM
How limited are the Destiny PS4 bundles?Xeeh_Bitz47/30 8:37AM
connction issues... (Closed)sithgod51327/30 8:36AM
Turned off my ps4 last night and...tannercrichards47/30 8:28AM
If Sony made their own version of Wii Music would you buy yes l noBad-School-Girl57/30 8:26AM
Tour de France. How can that game possibly be fun?mrhappyguy1234587/30 8:25AM
Lets be honest, TLOUR is just about 60fps/models thats it
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Joeydollaz197/30 8:19AM
Biggest upgrade, Tomb Rider or The last of Us (Poll)
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yourDaddie177/30 8:19AM
Why did YOU buy a ps4?
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f3zza5000607/30 8:16AM
Games of Fall2014 is the same as 2013?Joeydollaz107/30 7:54AM