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Do I need to play the whole game 2 more times to get the Platinum?desmondwoot85/3 9:59AM
*sigh* PSN+ sucks
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blaze9990125/3 9:57AM
I hereby call for the creation of the byrgenwerth mutual assistance society!Corinthas45/3 9:56AM
I'm really looking forward to playing Ether One on PS4Dark World Ruler85/3 9:39AM
Where does Warner Bros. Interactive rank among Capcom, EA, and Ubisoft?Shadow_Cloud85/3 9:32AM
Netflix Playback Issues (Cthulhu Save Me!)GentlemanWrath45/3 9:18AM
Will witcher 3 be featured on the cover of Playboy like before?xtacb45/3 9:03AM
You think there's any chance of a Jet Force Gemini "reboot"?SoincMetal65/3 8:59AM
I don't understand why people would want to buy a PS4 Slim then it releases.MrMonkhouse95/3 8:58AM
PS4 has some good games, people forgot how slow the ps3 software rolled out
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stypedinapoli375/3 8:56AM
How do you transfer save data across PSN accounts?Suskel25/3 8:46AM
What exactly does Witcher 3 do that makes it stand out?
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P_Crazy695/3 8:45AM
I can't search people's PSN?Xisol25/3 8:44AM
PS4 sales number pass 22.3 Million worldwide (sold to consumer)
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BPSatsuki265/3 8:40AM
Why can't Sony add true external hard drive support?
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jimmydonegood225/3 8:37AM
Y'all should really give Rocket League a chance when it releaseskloud 1195/3 8:36AM
Do you play multiple games at once? (Poll)
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maoriwarrior325/3 8:33AM
Who would rather have a FF6 remake on the PS4 than the 3DS?djmetal77735/3 8:29AM
Could I get banned? (PS4)
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Haigy145/3 8:24AM
Never buy the Sony Headsets save your ears, save time, money and trouble.
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daredevl125/3 8:23AM