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Google should make a Chrome browser app for PS4 with the "okay google"stevethewindow51/30 2:16PM
Some Twitch streams not working on PS4?WindyWindmill41/30 2:13PM
Sword Art Online Lost Song could be on PS4.shadowenclave4741/30 2:12PM
Anyone plays Invokers Tournament?Great-BoBaFeTT101/30 2:10PM
IGN First Game For February - BloodborneExodus_Prime61/30 2:03PM
who here is buying LIFE IS STRANGE tomorrow?
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notzez391/30 2:02PM
Has anyone else had Dragon Age, or any game in general crash on them?
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HellsController211/30 2:01PM
Is there a red dead redemption remastered coming?Gunvalkyrie251/30 1:49PM
Seriously, where teh f*** is the Resistance Remaster Collection ?
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PaperCogFlimsy191/30 1:44PM
ea ufc sport install question?amloprinzi51/30 1:35PM
I'v never cold turkey a game faster then Destiny
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velvet_hammer121/30 1:29PM
What Size TV do you normally play your games on? (Poll)
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ivory3333411/30 1:17PM
Fightstick users: voice chat solution?ElChosenHombre41/30 1:17PM
So what is SE new IP announcment?jeremy5858972161/30 1:06PM
1 Game to Choose, Help Decide...
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meekal0131/30 1:02PM
Is there a reason why Sega can't at least put Skies of Arcadia on PSN or sumthin
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SlickGamer121/30 1:02PM
Are there any good Free-to-Pay (F2P) games?
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SolidKnight271/30 12:57PM
About to trade Metro Redux for Tomb Raider Def. (Closed)hellbringher31/30 12:51PM
PS4 Bricked during a power surge at home....
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beanyboy7311/30 12:49PM
can you have two controllers?reptileegg71/30 12:44PM