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Final Fantasy Type-0 TGS Trailer
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BPSatsuki199/18 1:28AM
Will there be a Evil Within or Advanced Warfare bundle?aj4x9459/18 1:22AM
We forget Destiny so quickly? Maybe check your FFXV hype...
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Hotline Miami PS4 ver - Controller shake melee not working
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It's really sad to see people crying about Type-0 and REmake HD... (Closed)
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When is the next TGS for today?blk91139/17 11:50PM
Another concept video for PTdocman864109/17 11:49PM
25 minutes Type 0 gameplayDerekRoss109/17 11:40PM
Still nothing on the new Ratchet & Clank game?
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SR71halo119/17 11:34PM
I don't get it, is there a new PT stage releasing?FOXSOLID29/17 11:31PM
P.T. Konami TGS livestream starting soon supposedly...wheepitup89/17 11:24PM
Dragon Quest: Heroes TGS gameplay videoBPSatsuki79/17 11:19PM
PT Visible Demo announced and possibly Phantom Pain demo?iPr0kkaFTW99/17 11:05PM
PS4 is going to be the best Final Fantasy console since PS1
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Didn't people also lose their s*** at the Destiny and Titanfall trailers? (FFXV)
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The problem I see in the Evil Within trailerskermac89/17 10:49PM
How long do you think it took to develop PS4 GTAV?Megamushroom66649/17 10:49PM
Stupid topic..but I gawked for like 10 minutes at GTA V's water...
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FOXSOLID119/17 10:46PM