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Great system but not perfectMalcolmEatsYou58/28 12:41AM
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Couch co-op, any games worth it?
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Your least favorite traditional FF element? (Poll)
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Do you think Indies are hurting the PS4?
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So yeah, our exclusives are lame so far ..
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Need some opinions (Poll)
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Well, looks like I'll be on live tomorrow.theREALsheridan108/27 11:34PM
wanna upgrade my hard dive, any recommendations?swifty3178/27 10:31PM
First Light>>Second Son
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RoscoePNoChainz118/27 10:28PM
I wish they had made the consoles a bit more powerful this gen
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o0stoneduk0o398/27 10:18PM
Best Video game tv?pspmaster2358/27 10:07PM
Sports games, Open World games and Racers need custom soundtracks/mp3s SonyRoscoePNoChainz78/27 9:45PM
Should Destiny and COD Adv Warfare give us microtransactions?
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How many cops are you planning on shooting in Battlefield ?
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LAGswitchLARRY208/27 9:33PM
To anyone who thinks ps4 is underpowered
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piazzapimper313188/27 9:27PM
can you start a private chat for one person to effectively mute everyone?reptileegg28/27 9:24PM
Getting PS4 in two weeks. What other games should I get?
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DevilTears604158/27 8:47PM
Why would you buy the full metro redux for 49.99handycapman38/27 8:33PM
Wait, so people are actually complaining about getting velocity2X free with plus
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L4YER_CAKE188/27 8:29PM