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Having trouble inputting my Online ID for PSN.super_taco_ftw212/27 1:22AM
To the the people trying to insist a DDOS isnt a hack
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Joshelplex3812/27 1:11AM
Sony Doesn't care as much as Microsoft
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rbygscrse3612/27 1:08AM
GTA V QuestionsIte612/27 1:07AM
Anyone find that strange? Nintendo didn't get hacked.
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ajikimg5512/27 1:07AM
Anybody have an ETA on when the link will be up?lilbean1217512/27 1:05AM
PSA if you want to trade your PS4 for an Xbox one
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95_Eclipse1812/27 1:02AM
Inquisition romances - the dude is wearing more lipstick than the ladyu_mad412/27 1:01AM
PSN is back up atm
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LazyGamerTag9912/27 1:00AM
How much of the COD community is like this? Prepare your ears :oBushidoEffect31012/27 12:58AM
Easier to get on in the middle of the night?Cactuar1012/27 12:52AM
Can you still get trophies when psn is downcubacubaking312/27 12:51AM
I bought an Xbox One at its midnight launch and recently bought a PS4 a few daysaheroafake112/27 12:51AM
Guess this marks the end of a Christmas tradition.Thermador446512/27 12:48AM
Don't just tweed this about psn being back upHomieKnockout512/27 12:42AM
PSN up in New ZealandMigged912/27 12:41AM
What's a good racing game to play right now? (Closed)
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knightimex1212/27 12:40AM
was just able to sign-in
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CrimsonGear807612/27 12:40AM
Anyone else being MAJORLY affected by PSN being down?
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HipsterSora3712/27 12:38AM
Is Dragon Age Inquisition like Skyrim?disneyland5512/27 12:35AM